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Workshop Creative Facilitation 2 (Advanced): The Art of Facilitation Creative Facilitation is a 2-day workshop that will strengthen your ability to guide young people effectively and with confidence. You will discover how to help youth come alive, develop a high level of commitment and participation, and how to create an atmosphere or relationships where young people take creative risks and speak from the heart. This workshop offers best practices based on 16 years of experience developing and leading highly successful creative programs for diverse groups of youth and adults. No matter what the subject, this training will provide you with tools to tackle any topic. You will learn: • How to capture and hold the attention of a group • How to relate and respond to challenging participants • Effective communication techniques • How to create a safe space for honest and creative expression • How to present yourself comfortably, clearly and confidently to a group • How to design and deliver effective lessons, workshops and meetings January 13&14 2012 Open Downtown YMCA, Seattle, WA 9am - 5pm, Friday and Saturday Facilitator: Alan Wong Register Now! Price $195 for a single Creative Facilitation workshop $100 for AmeriCorps and VISTA volunteers Prices apply in both USA and Canada. Work trade available!

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