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Bunnies for Birthdays


Bunnies are the larger than life attraction of a local mom’s unique party service. Mom of two (Lucy 7 and Jackson 5) Kirsty Lee is behind a birthday party service capturing the hearts of parents and children alike in the Puget Sound area. While the local economy has slumped, this local mom has taken her love of bunnies and multiplied it to reach out to the whole community. Bunnies for Birthdays has become a hit with families all over the Puget sound area. Bunnies for birthdays captures the entrepreneurial spirit of the northwest by taking a small venture and expanding it to reach out to a market saturated with tired party ideas. What began as an interest in breeding for a small pet market took off one afternoon when Kirsty watched her kids and their friends playing with the bunnies in the garden and the idea of hosting parties with her bunnies occurred to her. The bunnies need to be socialized to families and kids before they are adopted out, and the kids love interacting with them. It really brings out their nurturing side. ‘After having all kinds of entertainers come out to my place over the years for my kids’ parties I realized that I could offer a service that kids and parents alike would love’ Kirsty says. Kirsty consulted with a number of people to set up the correct enclosures and diet, and then build the website and promote the idea. She has been thrilled with the reception the community has given her. What began as a tentative idea has just multiplied into something she loves. She has always taken on roles that involved children and animals, but she settled for a profession which drew on her business background and organizational skills. These skills have been combined in this unique small business. ‘I would never have guessed that this is the path my life would take. It’s thrilling’ admits Kirsty. Parents in the area are enthusiastic about the parties. The bunnies are gorgeous and the bunny lady is a friendly, relaxed host. She made my party a real pleasure and of course no one could get enough of the bunnies. They are totally adorable and her price was really affordable. Kirsty has loads of rapport with kids and parents alike, we are absolutely having her again next year’ says one of the parents who hosted a Bunnies for Birthdays party recently. The service is designed to appeal to families in lots of different ways. Bunnies for Birthdays offers a choice of packages for a regular kid’s party where parents provide all of the creative supplies, but if you are looking for something where you don’t have to run around Bunnies for Birthdays is able to supply everything you could need for your party: cupcakes, cake, photography, favors, specialized cookies for guests. ‘These items don’t have to be bunny themed necessarily we will bring whatever baked goods you desire, but of course we always have more bunnies than you can poke a stick at’, says Kirsty. Bunnies for Birthdays comes to you, and provides everything needed for your party. The hosts make sure they leave the house the way they found it, and the service never sells bunnies at the parties. Kids who ask about getting bunnies as a pet at the parties are directed to local shelters first to see if they can find a bunny which needs a home already. The best thing about Bunnies for Birthdays is that you can enjoy bunnies without having to buy a pet bunny and have a ten year commitment that kids may grow tired of, as the daily care of these sensitive animals becomes a reality. Bunnies for Birthdays is popular because it gives people who are unable to have a bunny as a pet for various reasons, and want the opportunity to love and nurture the bunnies for an afternoon. ‘We want people to consider getting a bunny as a pet very carefully, and we know that if parents are willing to wait until a later date and get what they need first, then they have considered the rescue properly’, says Kirsty. The business has begun to expand to new arenas like preschools, family picnics and events, as well as adult parties, such as a surprise birthday party and a relaxed postgraduate party in the u district. In the future Bunnies for Birthdays will reach out to to people in senior centers and hospitals.

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