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Seattle's Progressive Preschool


3201 E Republican St Room 109
Seattle, WA 98112 US


Sprouts T/F 9-11:30am/Seedlings M/W/Th 8:30-noon/Saplings M/W/Th 12:30-4pm


Seattle’s Progressive Preschool’s mission is to provide a quality preschool curriculum that emphasizes social and environmental awareness as a building block for change. We envision alumni families who champion a fair and just world and who inspire the communities around them. Children of a very young age have an inherent sense of what is fair. SPP’s curriculum strives to nurture that nascent ability and to teach children how to be generous and kind citizens. SPP also emphasizes environmental learning, social awareness, and diversity. Our goal is to prepare children for educational success, while guiding them to become thoughtful, proactive adults who believe that they can make the world a fairer and greener home for everyone. And we make sure that we have FUN in the process! We are a cooperative preschool, affiliated with Seattle Central Community College, serving children from 2 year to 5 years old. SPP families work with their teacher to select and implement service themes that teach our children to care for and improve our community. SPP supports a diverse classroom in terms of economics, culture, and family structure. We do so by reserving slots and financial aid for those with limited means, with a goal of offering assistance to at least 1/3 of enrolled families. We strive to maintain a culturally competent school and emphasize anti-bias lessons in our curriculum and rely on our families to introduce their home culture to our classroom. Urban agriculture is a focus via a p-patch alliance that encompasses educational garden tours, planting, upkeep, and generating compost for the garden. We welcome and celebrate all families, whether they be headed by single parents, same-sex couples, kinship care guardians, or foster parents.

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