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Superheroes Summer Camp


Superheroes! A Summer Camp A week long summer camp that puts your child in an action movie! Students create their own characters. Some are heroes, some are villains. They choose which super powers their characters possess, and how they came to have those powers. Students learn valuable theater and acting skills such as character creation, projection, and performing before a group. All the students ideas and characters are then incorporated into an original five minute superhero screenplay. Students then create their own costumes with our giant selection of superhero accessories: muscle shirt costumes, capes, gloves, boots, masks, belts - everything a superhero (or villain) might need to conceal their secret identity. Each scene is shot with a green screen background - every student will actually be able to see their powers in action once the movie is complete. Red Carpet Premiere: At the end of the camp season we’ll have a big release party for all the campers and their families. We’ll watch the movies from each camp and everyone gets to feel like a star! Camp price: $300 Location: Youngstown Cultural Arts Center 4408 Delridge Way SW Duration: 9am to Noon. Mon-Fri, July 9th to Aug 3rd. Premiere: Aug 10th

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