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The City of Seattle’s home energy upgrade program, Community Power Works (CPW) citywide in 2012 After a successful start in Seattle’s central area and south-end, the City of Seattle’s home energy upgrade program, Community Power Works (CPW), has expanded citywide in 2012! To date, over 1100 homes have entered the program and demand is expected to grow as homeowners spread the word about the increased warmth and comfort of their newly upgraded homes. CPW’s Joshua Curtis, recently said, “We are really inspired by the reactions of our current customers and the momentum building for the program. It’s great to see how energy upgrades align with peoples’ values, and so positively impact the quality of their lives.” CPW launched last April with the goal of simultaneously driving demand to weatherize 2000 homes, and creating a sustainable industry for home energy upgrades. For homeowners, the program provides the opportunity for a $95 whole-home energy assessment (normally $400), and consultation with CPW’s home energy experts to prioritize work based on the needs of the home and homeowner. Energy experts also advise on rebates and incentives available for the project, valued at $2,000 for over 20% energy savings per household. After bid selection, a CPW pre-approved contractor conducts the work, which is quality checked at no charge when the job is complete. CPW also provides affordable financing if needed, and bundles all applicable utility rebates and incentives. Depending on the work done, these incentives have taken nearly $7000 off the bottom line in some cases. As the program grows, CPW’s partner energy experts are supporting job growth in the industry by hiring new trainees from the local Got Green program as well as South Seattle Community College’s Clean/Green Technology program. CPW strives to make employment opportunities available to small, locally-owned businesses, and requires that all contractors adhere to “High-Road” employment standards. In addition, the program has established targets for contracting companies that are women-owned, minority-owned, or veteran-owned. The program ends in June, 2013. To sign up for the program, go to or call 206.449.1170.

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