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Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery and Meditation Center


Wat Atam or Wat Atamma as local people called this Buddhist temple, Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery (ABM), a small humble Buddhist monastery tucked away in a serene corner of Woodinville among acres of wooded land, was founded in 1998. The monastery follows Theravada Buddhist tradition. This place opens to everyone regardless of their belief, socioeconomic status or background. In this small building people from all walks of life come to seek spiritual shelter, or to pause from their busy days, or to reflect their thoughts. Among many other community services, people come here to study and practice meditation. There are several ancient meditation technics that bring peace to body and mind. Meditation is universal. It influences modern psychology and many branches of medical science as it is proven to benefit both physical and mental health. Here at this monastery, message of compassion, tolerance and rationality is sent to everyone who visits. The resident monks and visiting instructors provide sanctuary for the mind through meditation and dharma talks to all people of good will. They successfully manage to reach out to the community. Children come to Saturday school for dhamma and Thai lessons at the same time. The monks are scheduled to visit inmates to teach meditation focusing on building peace from within. Please visit our websites for more information or "like" us on our facebook.

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