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Hello. My name is Kimberly Slagle and I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate providing counseling and psychotherapy services to a adults, couples, parents, children, adolescents, and families in Seattle, WA. I specialize in counseling for aspiring, new, & not-so-new parents Approximately 75% of my clients are parents. Based off personal and professional experience, I know how difficult parenting can be at times no matter who you are, how many kids you have, or how well adjusted your family is. When parenting gets tough, we oftentimes ask ourselves: "Is there a new way to approach this?" "Where did I go wrong?" "Why am I stuck?" "How do I find balance between parenting and other areas of my life?" Children don't come with operating manuals. Consequently, from the time children are born, parents are bombarded with a variety of questions and obstacles, each unique to the stage of development both the child and overall family is in. Luckily, counseling can provide parents the solutions, insight, and support necessary to overcome such challenges and achieve higher levels of connection and fulfillment in their relationships with both their children and each other. As a child and family therapist, my goal is to collaborate with parents throughout various stages of the family life cycle in an effort to help them better navigate the ups and downs of parenting and create long-lasting, positive relationships. Counseling Can Help Parents: Gain additional support Learn new parenting skills Hang on to your relationship with your partner when baby comes Treat pre- and post-partum depression Address sibling rivalry Eliminate temper tantrums / aggressive tendencies / disruptive behaviors Develop an effective discipline style Regain control over your household Stay positive and enjoy your children more Obtain balance between work and family Cope with colic Combat sleep issues Confront the childbirth and/or adoption experience with ease Manage infertility issues and cope with miscarriage Set the foundation for positive self-esteem development Improve communication Resolve conflict Address school challenges Set age-appropriate expectations Address adolescent individuation and separation Adjust to major life transitions (i.e. divorce, moving, death, remarriage, empty nest syndrome, etc.)

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