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B'yachad Intergenerational School of Spiritual Learning


B’yachad means together. Our school provides an inter-generational program that approaches Jewish learning as a family experience. Components include classes of adults and children learning together as well as separately. Learn practices that foster the growth of a spiritual Jewish home and a deeper connection to Jewish roots, experience and identity. Through the prism of values such as mindfulness, compassion, generosity and joy we learn Torah, Hebrew, history, holidays, and text – and the spiritual insights embedded in all. Values-based curriculum provides a building block for a life of growth and compassion Open and welcoming to students at all levels, interfaith families and families of all shapes and sizes Experienced teachers who believe that learning should be active, relevant and fun! Small class size Class held weekly on Saturday mornings Affordable tuition with flexible payment terms Convenient Seattle location A Values-Based Curriculum

Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue


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