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Northwest K-8 Learning Support, Inc. Individualized Tutoring in Reading, Writing and Math for K-8 Students Business Contact: Northwest K-8 Learning Support, Inc. Margaret Kulkin: WA State Certificated Teacher 206-714-6392 voice 206-319-4550 fax Overview Math Program: assistance with foundational concepts, math terms, problem solving, reasoning, and math activities that encourage optimum student interest and engagement Literacy Program For Emergent Skills: direct and carefully sequenced instruction for emergent reading and writing skills Literacy Program for Intermediate Grades and Middle School: assistance with improving reading comprehension and support for writing skills-organizing ideas, writing conventions, and using all the steps of the writing process Assistance with organization: note-taking, study skills, graphic organizers, homework aids, and prioritizing tasks Academic support: assisting students in meeting their IEP goals, support for students with language delays, learning disabilities, or special needs Customized plan for supporting academic success- once a student’s needs are met, new opportunities are created for recognizing strengths, building confidence, achieving goals, and developing self-esteem Research- based strategies for helping students succeed Partnering with a student’s teacher to provide communication, support, resources, and a strong school- home connection Working with families to identify learning goals and provide information about activities and resources within the community that will enrich learning Diagnostic testing to assess learning gaps, or areas of need, especially in core subjects such as reading, writing, and math Homeschool Learning: Help with instruction, curriculum design, spring-assessment, and resources STEM Learning and Academic Enrichment: Northwest K-8 Learning Support has a specific interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning. Northwest K-8 Learning Support can facilitate learning experiences that lead to increasing a student’s interest and skill-level in science or math. Specially Designed Instruction Northwest K-8 Learning Support believes it is a privilege to work with diverse students and is committed to providing targeted and carefully planned instruction. Northwest K-8 Learning Support provides specially designed instruction for students that would benefit from customized learning that is structured according to academic and behavioral needs. Students that struggle can learn new strategies for accessing their strengths and working to their full potential. Students that have challenges with cognitive processing, self-regulation, attention, communication, language, or organization receive explicit and carefully sequenced instruction. With a positive approach, students begin to recognize their abilities and build on each new step with a renewed sense of accomplishment and confidence. It is the goal of NWK8 to help students turn their, "I can't!" to "I can." The research is overwhelmingly positive with regard to one-on-one interventions and their positive impact on learning: “…changes in instructional delivery can intensify instruction. Swanson, Hoskyn, and Lee (1999) found that, across content and grade levels, interventions delivered through direct instruction plus strategy instruction produced the highest effects. Such interventions include these key components: • explicit instruction, • systematic instruction, and • opportunities for student response and feedback.” Vaughn, S., Wanzek, J., Murray, C. S., Roberts, G. (2012).Intensive interventions for students struggling in reading and mathematics: A practice guide. Portsmouth, NH: RMC Research Corporation, Center on Instruction. Intake Northwest K-8 Learning Support provides an initial (free of charge) intake session to meet a prospective student, along with a parent or responsible family member. This initial meeting will help determine goals for tutoring and the particular needs of the student. Communication Northwest K-8 Learning Support welcomes ongoing communication with family members. Your questions and requests for information and resources are encouraged. Northwest K-8 Learning Support is happy to provide information to classroom teachers and other educational professionals with your permission. Tutoring Schedule During the initial intake meeting, we will set-up a schedule for tutoring. Appointments can be made Monday through Saturday. NWK8 is conveniently located in Edmonds, serving students from the following school districts: Seattle, Shoreline, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, and Marysville.

Margaret Kulkin


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