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Renton Park Elementary School


Renton Park Elementary School is a community of learners, families and staff. Together we strive for excellence as we teach, care, guide and inspire. Our Beliefs We Believe That ... All people have worth and can learn. Life-long learning is the key to the future and all people have the right to access quality education and experience the excitement of learning. Education includes academic, social, emotional, and character development, and decisions should be based on what’s best for students. People learn in different ways. A blend of uniformity and diversity is valuable. Family involvement and support for students and staff are essential to academic success. Staff collaboration and shared decision making improve teaching and learning, and lead to increased commitment and accountability for the benefit of children. Students will develop responsibility, accountability, and self-esteem through recognition of genuine accomplishment. "The Renton Park Way" Our top priority at Renton Park is to provide a safe, effective learning environment. To do this, we have compiled a list of three rules that we feel promote such an environment. We call it, "The Renton Park Way" Be Safe Show Respect Be Responsible

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