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B F Day Elementary School


B.F. Day has a long and proud history of educating children in Seattle. We are the oldest, continually operating school in the city. Our building is a designated historic landmark having undergone state-of-the-art renovation in 1991. We envision B.F. Day becoming the school of choice for families within and beyond our neighborhood. We will accomplish this because of our loving educational environment and the extraordinary resources we will bring to the task. By reaching beyond staff and parents/legal guardians, we can tap other members within the community. Together, we can help our students develop the responsibility to achieve not only their academic potential, but also love and respect for themselves, each other, and the world. B.F. Day has a diverse population of students and staff. B.F. Day is a designated bilingual center. B. F. Day is also a Spectrum school so students qualifying as Advanced Learners are challenged at their appropiate level.

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