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Roosevelt High School


Roosevelt High School is a comprehensive high school with over 1650 students. The strength of our program lies within the students, staff and community who all strive to do excellent work and support the success of all of our students. Whether it is academics, arts, activities or athletics, there is something for everyone. A highlight of Roosevelt High School’s academic program is the wide variety of Advanced Placement or College in the High School courses offered in each of our core academic areas including all of our 10th grade students taking AP Human Geography and all students taking AP Language in their 11th or 12th grade year. Some of our arts programs have received national recognition and our student newspaper and yearbook put out excellent publications each year. The athletic programs participate in the King County 4A League and most programs include students from all grade levels. As we focus on the achievement of all of our students, we look inward towards what we are doing in the classroom and outward to what types of support we can provide. Support for math, reading and writing are available 4 days a week through our homework center, University of Washington Pipeline Tutors and by teachers. We provide supplemental reading support for some students through a Read 180 program and our Academic Intervention Specialist provides case management for some of our most struggling students.

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