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Whitman Middle School


Marcus Whitman Middle School is an ethnically diverse middle school located in Ballard, in northwest Seattle. It prides itself on dedicated staff, academic achievement, successful sports programs and an active PTSA. At Whitman, the goal is to help every child reach their potential by providing challenging curriculum in an environment where every child feels safe and also to help each child develop pride in self and community: Whitman pride. Whitman Middle School is transforming from a good school to a great school. Our school improvement is based on effective use of student data; intentional, aligned professional development; instructionally-focused staff meetings based on NSDC standards; frequent monitoring of teaching and learning (Catwalks); the use of Purpose Statements in classrooms and High Leverage Teaching Moves; 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning, and the “branding” of Whitman to our students, staff, and parent community. In order to be a great school we need to have elite achievement for ALL students academically, behaviorally, and socially.

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