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Lister is a top caliber Eastside school! It is located off of Portland Avenue on East 44th Street in the Salishan community, which has received several national, state and city awards for efforts on community empowerment. The new Lister Elementary School opened in the fall of 1998. The design and utility of the building and grounds will meet the needs of our students and community well into the millennium. The students and staff find the facility both friendly and functional. The open and light, airy atmosphere create a feeling that it is both a pleasant and safe place for students to spend their day. We are surrounded by the Washington State University Learning Center, the Metropolitan Park District, Swan Creek Park Development, and its neighborhood housing, all of which enhance the learning experience of our students. Families and community agencies are housed in the neighborhood and support our school’s efforts. We boast a rich, culturally diverse mixture of many ethnic groups.

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