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Jennifer Gutzmer, MA, LMHCA Counseling Services


Transitions, loss, growth, and change can create times of overwhelming uncertainty. Counseling offers an opportunity to partner with a trained professional as you face these challenges and make steps forward in your journey towards healing and wellness. You may be encountering a time in your life where you feel stuck or confused. Possibly you are the parent of a child who is experiencing struggles with anger, difficulty expressing feelings, or trying to cope with the losses associated with divorce. Teens may struggle with defining direction and identity, and as a parent you may be looking for a counselor who can work with your teen to help them clarify their vision and overcome obstacles. As a counselor working with you or your family, I provide a stable, nonjudgmental space to recognize and heal hurts, strengthen your sense of empowerment, gain perspective, and explore opportunities for next steps.

Jennifer Gutzmer, MA


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