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Lloyd's Acupuncture-Alan Lloyd


Lloyd's Acupuncture-Alan Lloyd

5370 Wilson Ave. S./Brandon
Seattle, WA 98118 US


M-F 9-7, Sat-by appointment


Hello. To help you know who I am, I am married; my wife works in the health care field, with 2 children, who I watch grow up. They have reached the teen years, but I remember fondly when they were little. When they were younger, I used needleless acupuncture for such issues as, back pain from sports, tummy upset at night. As teens I have used acupuncture for nasal congestion, acid reflux, tiredness, lack of focus/fuzzy mind. I have also been on the other side where I’ve watched the health of my parents, slowly, and sometimes quickly get worse. Acupuncture has helped my mother for her aches and pains. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified Acupuncture Diplomate, with a M.S. Acupuncture, and a Masters of Social Work. My current specialties’ include, children, teens, families, and elders. Many people come in for pain (lower back), musculoskeletal conditions, fuzzy mind, Autism related conditions (tics), headache, stroke rehabilitation, asthma (children and adults), irritable Bowel syndrome (teens and adults), and incontinence (seniors and children). Thank you for reading this.

Lloyd's Acupuncture-Alan Lloyd


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