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A Therapist | Parenting Counseling | Coaching If you're like me you were ecstatic to bring a new child into this world. I read the books, got advice from parents and thought I had a raising child game plan that was bullet proof-I thought I had raising a kid down to a science. Suffice to say that even with this seemingly impenetrable child-raising arsenal I was not in any way prepared for just how much a challenge this was going to be. Through trial and error I am proud to say I now have a solid parenting game plan that works and I'm here to help you discover yours. The weight and responsibility of parenting can seem completely defeating at times, and as a parent of two I have been through it all. The aim of my parent counseling/coaching isn't to scold or reprimand your parenting skills, as every parent is different and will take a unique approach to raising your child. My approach is that of understanding and helping you discover a parenting mission statement, one that helps define your role and identity as a mother or father in your household. I take the skills and successes that you have as a parent (even if you think you don't have any, trust me- YOU DO) and work on creating an atmosphere at your home that puts those qualities to a value. This value will is the key to understanding, appreciating and honoring your role as a parent. Together we will use a blend of alternative and conventional approaches drawing on a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what will, uniquely, be most helpful for you. I work individually with clients to help them build on their strengths to identify and achieve their life's goals. Larry is a Gottman Certified Educator, a Positive Discipline Facilitator and trained by the Psychoanalytic Institute of Los Angeles as a Reflective Parenting leader. Larry teaches Bringing Baby Home and has also taught the Concsious Fathering class at Swedish Hospital

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