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Bloedel Reserve


A visit to Bloedel Reserve can be whatever your family wants it to be. If your family needs to let off some energy, a walk on the two-mile groomed trail provides fresh air in an inspiring setting. Around each bend is a new view or planting to keep you engaged. Did you spy the pitcher plants in the bog? Watch closely. Did it eat a bug? Or perhaps you're in the mood for some education. Pick up a copy of the self-guided tour and along the way learn about the Reserve's history and some of its heritage plants. In the Visitor's Center (the former estate home), a docent will greet you to answer any questions you have. Ask about the role Mr. Bloedel's color blindness played in planning the gardens. Or perhaps you are in a creative mood. Let your imagination run wild as you traipse over bridges and enter enchanted forests. Did a fairy just land in the Moss Garden? No matter your mood, you will leave feeling refreshed and light-hearted. As one visitor wrote, "You will experience amazing waves of peace and love of all the beauty around you while walking throughout the Reserve." Along with a refreshing experience in nature, the Reserve holds family events, children-friendly concerts and children's workshops. Visit for more information.

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