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Upcoming Event: Come join us for our annual Open House on Saturday, February 1, 2014 from 10am - 12pm. This is a wonderful time for you and your family to visit the preschool, get to know the teachers, ask questions about our unique curriculum, and partake in fun crafts and snacks! You can also find us at the Mom's Club Preschool Fair on January 11, 2014 & Parent Map Fair (Shoreline) on January 15, 2014. Fostering children's Curiosities, Interests and Ideas. Our program is located within the Seattle Gymnastics Academy in Ballard which allows the children enrolled in our program 45 minutes of instructed gymnastics from certified gymnastics coaches each time the come to preschool! Our Philosophy At Ballard Preschool, play is the medium through which children develop their social skills, cognitive abilities, emotional management skills, and even heighten their physical abilities. WE believe play can ignite the curious exploration and need for discovery within each child. Our job as facilitators is to nurture their curiosities, guide their explorations, and to support their discoveries. Learning and Developmental Goals We follow the Early Learning and Developmental Benchmarks of Washington State to gauge child development and set achievable goals for each individual child. We have created a unique evaluation system to support child development and prepare children for Kindergarten. We use a unique blend of three leading curriculums; Emergent, Integrated and Project Approach. Emergent: The teachers begin by closely observing child-directed time and begin to look for common themes within their play. Once these play these have been identified, a curriculum is then built around the common interests of the children. Integrated: This approach allows teachers to prepare the classroom in a way that supports the different domains of learning (math, science, literacy, art, etc.) Table and group projects for each learning domain will be incorporated into daily learning. Project Approach: There will be three stages for children's learning: Stage one- teachers identify common interests between the children during play; Stage two- children brainstorming the theme and expressing what they already know, what they would like to discover, and how they would like to learn the new them: Stage three- of this approach are the children reflecting about what they learned and how they can use the information in their future. Classes Offered: Morning Class: 8:45am - 12:15pm 2 Day: T/TH 3 Day: M/W/F 5 Day: M-F Afternoon Class: 12:45pm - 4:15pm 4 Day: M-TH Monthly Tuition 2 Day: $440 3 Day: $490 4 Day: $540 5 Day: $590 Daily Schedule 8:45 (12:45) Welcome & Self-Directed Play 9:45 (1:45) Clean Up & Circle 10:20 (2:20) Curriculum 10:40 (2:40) Snack 11:00 (3:00) Gymnastics 11:45 (3:45) Closing Circle 12:15 (4:15) Goodbyes Enrollment Process Please schedule an appointment with Director, Heather Freeman, or Assistant Director, Ali George, to view the classroom and begin the enrollment process.

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