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Winding Willow School


Everyday we play in the woods and eat fresh organic food. We are Waldorf inspired and Spanish bilingual. At the Winding Willow School we create a place where the whole child thrives the whole time. We are nourishing our minds, bodies and souls in every aspect of our day. As we hear a story, we are learning Spanish. As we master the paint brush, our soul is quieted. As we enjoy delicious food, we are tonifying our systems. In the Winding Willow School we experience song and Spanish as natural expressions, laying the foundation for the ability to use both language and song with ease. We model beautiful pronunciation and rhythm when we speak, and magical pure tone when we sing. When the children are older and ripe for more intellectual learning, they will bring a discerning and passionate ear to their studies. We have openings for ages 3 to 5 in our Waldorf inspired school. Esperamos hablar con todos ustedes.

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