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Wheelhouse Workshop


Wheelhouse Workshop was created with the goal of teaching teenagers social skills through fun and engaging activities. Our groups are aimed at teenagers who have had difficulty building appropriate social skills for their age. If your teenager has had difficulty making friends or displaying appropriate social behaviors, either due to a mental health diagnosis or simply a lack of social experience, our groups are just what you're looking for! We work with a very wide range of kids with varied social challenge levels and would be happy to chat with you and find out if our groups would be appropriate for your needs. Wheelhouse Workshop is currently offering two groups in the Fall: Improv Theater Improv groups let players express their originality while sharing laughs. Improv celebrates life's uncertainty by turning the unexpected into something we can play with and learn from. In improv groups we work on the skills of flexibility, active listening, and having a positive mindset while playing theater games and improvising scenes that often turn out hilarious! Tabletop Role Playing Tabletop groups let players become epic heroes in a fantasy world. Unlike video games, tabletop role-playing games (like Dungeons and Dragons) give players the opportunity to use their own creativity to create a story together and collaborate toward a group goal. In tabletop groups we focus on creative problem solving skills, perspective-taking and building confidence...all while sitting at a table and rolling 20-sided dice!

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