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Our firm embodies the values of hard work and fair dealing that we believe made the people and businesses of Main Street the cornerstone of American society. We are committed, demonstrated through our actions, to restoring the public's confidence in attorneys as trusted advisors and respectable human beings. We put our money and time where our mouths are by charging only flat fees for the specific, defined services you need. This shifts the risk of inefficiency from you to us. It also settles up front the issue of cost so you know in advance what your legal bill will be. We think this will build trust in the attorney-client relationship. We are not presenting ourselves as the cheapest attorneys you can find. We are promising excellent legal services tailored to your needs at a known cost, delivered in a caring, professional setting. Just what we believe the people and businesses of Main Street really want. Family Law: Elise Buie, Attorney Our approach: We use the Integrative Family Law approach when handling family law cases. Integrative Family Law takes skills from disciplines outside the law and applies those skills in the legal setting to reduce conflict and foster the well-being of families. We study mediation, negotiation, communication, collaborative law, child development, and literature concerning the effect of conflict on families. We use the skills and information from these sources in our legal work so that we are able to help clients develop practical, family centered solutions to difficult personal issues. Estate Planning: Chandra Lewnau Why You Need a Plan: New additions to the family, preparing for retirement, or the realization that you or a loved one may need long-term health care are some of the many reasons why people make the wise decision to plan for the future. An estate plan will give you peace of mind that you and your loved ones will receive proper care and assistance in the event of your death or incapacitation. Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Every family and individual can benefit from planning for the disposition of their property using a variety of legal tools, including wills, trusts, and gifts. Families with minor children should always be sure to have legal documents in place that appoint a guardian and create a children's trust to care for their children's needs.

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