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Eaton Arrowsmith Academy


Eaton Arrowsmith Academy is dedicated to strengthening the learning capacities of children with mild, moderate or severe learning difficulties and attention disorders so that they can reduce or eliminate the need for extra educational support. Our approach differs from most other sites that help students compensate for their cognitive weaknesses. Instead of teaching a child with learning difficulties and/or attention disorders to rely on compensation or work around techniques, through the use of the Arrowsmith Program Eaton Arrowsmith Academy strengthens learning capacities. Students rewire the brain areas responsible for their weak cognitive capacities that are underlying their learning difficulties. After a three to four year program, students will transition back to a typical academic curriculum where they can function with reduced, and in many cases without extra learning support or accommodations. Eaton Arrowsmith Academy accepts students aged 6-18. We share a space with Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre, our Arrowsmith Program for adults.

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