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Creative Coding for Kids


Kids and parents agree: "Best. Camp. Ever." We teach kids the joy of creating through programming by helping them write their own personally inspired computer games! Our philosophy is that computers today are more like a box of crayons than a calculator. And while math skills are great, the most important traits for coding today are CREATIVITY and PERSISTENCE. We have some spots remaining in our half-day, week long summer camps for ages 7-13. After-school classes are also available at 11 Seattle-area elementary schools in Fall 2014. Please visit or web site or contact us by email for more information. We teach using Scratch, the MIT toolset created just for educating kids, and we offer all different levels of instruction. Even if your child has already used Scratch, you’ll be amazed what they can do after a week in one of our camps. “I started this class because I didn't see much out there for kids my daughter's age. I think we need to start 'em young if we want them to be able to shape the digital future as creators and not just consumers. The keys are to make it fun, provide encouragement and gentle guidance, then let them be follow their own passions to create.” -Eric Fredrickson, Owner & Teacher.

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