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The Power of Simplification Many adults and children feel that their lives are stressful, complicated, and busy. In schools we see that the fast pace and stressed atmosphere of children's lives may be compromising the best efforts of the parents and caregivers and teachers. Simplicity Learning exists to provide all adults with tools and strategies that can be applied for major improvements in children’s and families’ lives. When parents and teachers are supported in integrating these practices into their home and school lives, there are such positive outcomes: Calmness: Children are more ready and able to learn. Resiliency: Children can be far less reactive and far more proactive. Priorities: Parents and teachers have a new sense of how to determine importance and priorities amongst conflicting demands and pressures. Support: Parents and teachers have a stronger feeling of community and increased confidence in their roles. Simplicity Learning offers weekly Parent-Tot play groups, Simplicity Parenting study groups, crafting workshops for families and teens, STARS classes, and more. Visit our website or call us to learn more!

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