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Kids Yoga Collective


Kids Yoga Collective is a musical, movement-filled, creative experience filled with a whole lot of fun! Our teachers incorporate traditional yoga poses into educational classes with various themes. Some of our class themes include oceans, countries around the world, “earth day is every day”, mammals, feelings, families, and weather….just to name a few! During this hour-long class, your child might roar like a lion, pedal an imaginary bicycle, count in a foreign language and “visit” the Great Wall of China all while increasing coordination, releasing stress and building communication skills. Every class begins with a warm-up and ends with traditional yoga savasana where your child will relax and calm his or her body and be encouraged to calm the mind. Even the most rambunctious children find yoga to be a way to exert energy yet find a sense of inner peace all within the time allotted. Our student: teacher ratios never exceed 8:1. Every class series begins with a class called, “Yoga? What’s that?” which teaches the child about the history and origin of yoga while introducing the structure of our classes in a hands-on method. Traditional yoga poses are incorporated into movements that increase coordination and aid in stretching and strengthening the body. No unsafe poses are attempted with special attention to protect the sensitive neck area. Children are encouraged with positive reinforcement at all times.

Phinney Neighborhood Center


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