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Bright Avenues School


13023 3rd Ave SE
Everett, WA 98208+6441 US


M-Th 9am-3:30pm, F 9am-1:30pm, Sat & Sun CLOSED


Our Students Bright Avenues School values each student as an integral part of our school family. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and possess a variety of strengths and challenges, interests, and aspirations. Our student demographics are similar to a conventional school and include children who are: typically progressing, academically and/or artistically gifted, challenged by physical disabilities, and those struggling with learning and/or production difficulty. Every child has areas of learning that are easier than others for them. We work to further every student's individual strengths and teach them how to utilize those strengths to build their capabilities in areas of difficulty. The typical range of challenges experienced by a portion of our students may include: sensory integration difficulties, ADHD, anxiety and those who are "twice-exceptional" (both gifted and having a learning or production difficulties.) Our 5 Avenues Individualized Academics Each student is supported at their individual academic level, regardless of their chronological age. Executive Functioning Academic teachers and therapeutic specialists work together to help students learn how to manage and organize their ideas, time, and resources. Integrated Arts Bright Avenues employs a full complement of artistic specialist teachers in music, art, dance/movement, and drama. Artistic specialists teach classes in their specific subject area and team with the classroom teachers in presenting academic topics. Social & Emotional Learning "Social & Emotional Learning is a process through which people learn to recognize and manage their emotions, care about others, make good decisions, behave ethically and responsibly, and develop positive relationships" (Elias, 2007). Learning Support Specialists including occupational, speech, and physical therapists work in all areas of the school environment to help students develop their full potential.

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