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Cogwheel Clinic for Neurodevelopment


The Cogwheel Clinic for Neurodevelopment offers assessment for the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disorders and other Disorders with Neurodevelopmental impact, as well as Educational Placement Assessments, Cognitive Testing & Evaluation of Cognitive Strengths and Weaknesses. While most clinics mold their services around what insurance will pay for, we feel strongly that the assessment and treatment of children is critical and should always include what is in the best interest of the child. Our comprehensive approach allows for unique services often not available in other clinics, such as Case Management, Nutrition, Naturopathy, and a variety of treatment options to suit your child's needs. The Cogwheel Clinic was founded by a Neuropsychologist with training and education in how behavior and cognition interact; as well as a strong treatment approach in treating the whole child. Come see what we can do for your child!

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