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My name is Sarah Aron, Capstone’s Horse Trainer and Horseback Riding Instructor and 18 time National Champion. I'd like to take a moment to share Capstone Farm's objectives for our horseback riding program based in Issaquah, Washington. On the surface, Capstone Farm is a training facility for horses and their riders. We teach horsemanship skills – from care and grooming,to horse-back riding and performance in the show arena and train top quality show horses to have the movement and behavior needed to compete at the highest levels. Our equestrian team clients have won over 150 National and World Titles. In addition to our show team, we also offer summer camps and riding lessons. But Capstone Farm is much more! I have found that the characteristics that make a champion rider are the same characteristics that foster success in life. Because people, especially children, are so receptive to learning when they are around horses, the barn provides a forum to teach life skills that are carried outside of the barn – goal setting, focus, work ethic, responsibility, awareness of the world and one’s ability to affect it. In addition, one gains self confidence and self respect. Capstone Farm is an environment where you learn not only about horses and riding, but also problem solving skills that help an individual handle a wide variety of life situations. I invite you to call me at (425) 891-1560 to arrange a personal tour of Capstone's private horseback riding and horse training facility based in Issaquah, Washington.

Capstone Farm


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