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Building Women Leaders from the Waterline up! Frog Prints e! was born from the simple phrase "I don't do math." Our goal is to make math and science accessible, fun, and relatable. We believe in creating economic and leadership opportunities for girls by encouraging them to use math and science as an integral part of their lives and language; and to use that new found knowledge to create, build, innovate, and lead. As a nonprofit organization, Frog Prints e! programs are designed to encourage and build within young women both leadership capabilities and a lifelong love of science, technology, engineering, math, and sailing (STEMS). We provide hands-on learning opportunities that also encourage girls to explore fields like physics, marine engineering, civil engineering, marine biology, hydrology, and technology through sailing. Our mission is to empower girls from all socio-economic levels to 'lean into' the hard sciences and engineering by exposing them to real-life examples used in every day sailing activities, like: analyzing why a sail several times a person's body weight can be raised; or how to use of wind, current, and tidal conditions to calculate boat speed, destination arrival times, and where to anchor when planning a sail.

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