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Central to Camp Ten Trees' purpose are our yearly summer camp sessions -- one week for LGBTQ youth and their allies and another week for youth from LGBTQ or non-traditional families. Camp Ten Trees is a place for diverse youth who share common experiences to come together and form a community that is truly their own. Our unique programming is designed to help campers cultivate the inner courage, resilience, and strength necessary for individual empowerment and community growth. In addition to typical camp activities such as swimming, archery, boating, and nature hikes, campers engage in age-appropriate workshops exploring identity, issues of oppression/privilege, youth coalition building, social justice, and more. By giving these young people a place where they can safely explore, learn, and grow with peers, we empower them to return to their home communities as advocates for themselves and others. This equips our youth to combat the root causes of societal homophobia, heteronormativity, transphobia, and other systemic oppressions. The lasting "ripple effects" of our work are evident in the gay straight alliances our youth have started, their spirited and effective advocacy of public policy makers, their involvement with other LGBT organizations, the peer education they do, and so much more.

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