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The term Surrogacy means that carrying of a pregnancy for intended parents. Intended parents are those who don’t have own baby. They are listed on the birth certificate as actual parents. The help of other person they get a child. This process is done in unknown woman’s womb. This unknown woman is called Surrogate mother. After completing the time period of pregnancy then surrogate mother gave birth to child. Then this child is given to Intended parents. Intended parents have problem with their egg or sperm. Therefore they take decision of it. And after taking a child from the surrogate mother, the intended parents take care of child for lifetime. The cost is varying based on what the intended parents need and it also depends on the program chosen. . It is best way of having an own child. The cost of this is less expensive, but it depends upon the different circumstances. If the surrogate mother wants fewer amounts for pregnancy, then you pay lower cost against your surrogacy. In case, another person egg and sperm are used for surrogacy treatment. The cost becomes higher. There are significant costs beyond those typical quoted in a Surrogacy package including travelling and medical costs but does not cover by the packages. Baby born through surrogacy includes much more than the payment of clinic. If you don’t take any facility of modern techniques the cost of surrogacy is also decreases. In general, these costs assume a successful pregnancy without complications.



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