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Bellevue's Youth Sports and Fitness programs seek to make the sports experience safe, fun and healthy for all children. In addition, these programs promote the value and importance of sports and physical activities in the emotional, physical, social and mental development of youth. Participation in sports and activities develops important character traits and lifelong values. Participation is provided to all those who enter, regardless of skill and ability. Get active: Programs are held year-round and city-wide for youth ages 3 to 12 years. Clinics and Leagues are held during the school year, and a full spectrum of day camps and clinics are held during school breaks and the summer. Sport and Fitness = Fun: Youth have a FUN learning experience and the opportunity to develop lifelong sports and fitness skills. The goal of Bellevue's Youth Sports and Fitness programs is to provide quality programming with responsible leaders so youth have the opportunity to grow and learn. This program serves all youth, regardless of skill and ability, and provides fun learning experiences with the opportunity to develop lifetime sports and fitness skills.

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