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Sponge, a leader in children’s language education since 2005, offers high-quality immersion language classes in Spanish, Mandarin, French, Japanese, Hindi and German for children aged birth through 10. Sponge’s award-winning play-based classes are led by native-speaking instructors who instill a love of language and culture through activities, stories, music, and movement. Interacting in the target language from the first class, children gain practical vocabulary and language, build communication skills, and grow in their understanding of other cultures. Research shows numerous benefits from exposing children to a quality language program, including a positive effect on intellectual growth, greater flexibility in thinking, and an easier time learning languages later in life. Classes are offered in Sponge’s centers in Seattle and Kirkland, and at satellites in Lynnwood and Sammamish. Sponge also provides before and after school enrichment programs at area schools and daycare centers in the Seattle area. Summer immersion camps are available during June and July for children aged pre-Kindergarten-2nd grade.

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