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TiGr Lock is a lightweight bike lock company based in Seattle, WA. TiGr® Locks provide a very high level of security at a fraction of the weight of conventional bike locks. Made from Titanium alloy and utilizing stainless steel housing units, TiGr Lock comes in three sizes: Short, Standard and Long. Products: Titanium Bike Locks, Lock bows in three lengths: Short, Standard and Long TiGr Short: Weight- 1.3lb (590g), Total Length-18in (46cm), Inside Length-15 in (38cm) TiGr Standard: Weight-1.7 lb (760g), Total Length-24in(61cm), Inner Length-21in (53cm) TiGr Long: Weight-2.0 lb (903g), Total Length-30in(76cm), Inner Length-27 in (69cm)

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