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PCPE (Phinney Spanish Cooperative Preschool)


PCPE (Phinney Cooperative Spanish Preschool)

6532 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103+5234 US


Monday - Friday 9am to 12pm


PCPE, Phinney Spanish Preschool Cooperative, is Seattle's only Spanish immersion cooperative preschool. The coop provides a play based learning environment, encouraging and supporting the whole child, as well as a strong community of bilingual families from many diverse Latino cultures. We focus on the following: Whole-child Development Our curriculum is based on learning through play. We seek to promote social interaction, creative play, sensory exploration and the acquisition of early literacy and basic mathematical concepts. Spanish Language Our classes are conducted entirely in Spanish, reinforcing the Spanish that our children learn at home through the teacher, parents, caregivers, and their peers. Cultural Enrichment and Diversity PCPE emphasizes the exploration of the music, geography, customs and food of Spanish-speaking countries, celebrating the diverse cultures of many of our families. Community We aim to support an environment in which children, families and teachers can build close relationships and the formation of many lifelong friendships. Child-Centered Learning We consider the emerging interests of our children and incorporate these interests into the curriculum. Collaboration We firmly believe that learning is a collaborative process, and teachers and parents, and caregivers work together to create a stimulating learning environment for our children and to sustain the operation of our school.

PCPE (Phinney Cooperative Spanish Preschool)


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