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Weekday, evening and weekend appointments to meet your schedule


Dreading an important conversation that really needs to happen? Are relationships feeling strained or already mired in conflict? Facilitated conversation can help you stabilize relationships while navigating difficult life transitions, such as growing up, divorcing, and aging. At the Table, Nora Ludviksen creates a path for exploring underlying tensions, sorting through feelings and fears, talking openly, and untangling complicated issues. With her support and skill, you'll be guided out of the turmoil of conflict back into that calmer, creative, thinking state where respectful dialogue and durable decision-making can happen. You'll listen and be heard, find common ground and make your own durable decisions. Nora is a certified mediator specializing in Teen and Parent Conversation, Parenting Agreements and Elder Life Transitions. "One of the best conversations we have ever had." -Teenager from a Parent/Teen Mediation Come to The Table.

Impact Hub Seattle


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