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Seattle Academy is an urban, independent private school on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, serving grades 6-12, and preparing students for college and life. The program is both college preparatory and life preparatory in nature; Seattle Academy graduates attend some of the country’s most selective colleges and universities. The Class of 2014, for example, matriculated to such schools as Northwestern University, Claremont McKenna College, Wake Forest University, University of Southern California, University of Chicago, Pomona College, Georgetown University, American University in Paris, UCLA, George Washington University, California Institute of the Arts, and University of Washington. In the 2013-14 school year, Seattle Academy secured their seventh consecutive state speech-and-debate championship; won the first annual Washington State Ethics Bowl and finished sixth in the country; won the Reno Jazz Festival for vocal ensembles; saw one of its seniors win an international film-making championship for Best International Youth Film, in a world competition in Ireland, and finished with high state placements in girls and boys soccer, boys basketball, boys tennis, girls golf, girls Ultimate Frisbee, and boys lacrosse, to name just a few accomplishments. Early in the 2011-12 school year, the girls varsity soccer team won its third state championship in four years, and fourth in six years. For all these local, regional, and national championships, though, it is perhaps even more important to note that Seattle Academy features a no-cut policy in which there is a team, a cast, an ensemble, or a company for every skill and experience level. One does not have to be a champion in order to participate, benefit, and enjoy all of the components of Seattle Academy’s program. Paramount to the Seattle Academy education is the Culture of Performance. At Seattle Academy, it isn’t enough to just read the book, take the test, and write the report. Every subject at Seattle Academy is a “performing” subject, meaning that students are always in front of an audience—and a variety of audiences, at that—showing what they know They teach, they explain, they demonstrate, frequently and regularly, in virtually every subject. Certainly, one of the obvious benefits to such a learning environment is the self-confidence, poise, and presentation skills a student develops in those situations. Perhaps a lesser-known benefit to the Culture of Performance, however, is the fact—highlighted by vast amounts of brain research—that people understand their material better and retain it longer when they are in “performing” situations, rather than simply reading, memorizing, and taking a test. The performing arts are broad and deep at Seattle Academy, whether it’s vocal or instrumental music, drama, comedy, improv, dance, or musical theatre. However, the Culture of Performance is not specific to performing arts. Again, every subject is a performing subject at Seattle Academy—science, history, English, math, and foreign language, as well as subjects within the performing arts. Whether in a science lab, on stage, on the athletic field, in the art studio, or on one of Seattle Academy’s dramatic foreign or outdoor trips such as Zambia, Alaska, the Yukon, Costa Rica, Italy, or some other locale, Seattle Academy students are preparing for college, certainly, but also for life. The life preparation does not come from a textbook; it comes from practical experience, faculty who are mentors, and an education that is both broad and deep. SSAT is also a testing option Open Houses October 16, 2014, 6:30 pm November 6, 2014, 6:30 pm

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