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St. Thomas School


Serving children in grades Preschool through 8, St. Thomas School provides an educational journey defined by a cognitively rigorous program with an emphasis on developing character, leadership, and a passion for learning and achievement. The mission of St Thomas School is to develop responsible citizens of a global society. In partnership with parents, we inspire and motivate intellectually curious students. Our small, nurturing environment supports the acquisition of a broad academic foundation with an emphasis on critical thinking, leadership skills, and the development of strong character and spiritual awareness. At St. Thomas School, we define the learning environment as not only the physical campus, but the emotional climate and culture as well. Each classroom is itself, a community, connected by a sense of purpose, in a climate that is communicative, disciplined, and caring, with occasions for celebration. Teachers, administration, staff, parents, and students are all in the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills every day. We work hard to nurture a learning environment in which ALL members of the school feel secure in taking risks, asking questions, and exploring new alternatives. The learning process is dynamic. Teachers balance a traditional approach to skill and knowledge acquisition with an inquiry-based model that recognizes the importance of students constructing knowledge and “learning by doing.” To support this guiding principle, class sizes are kept small so that students have maximum opportunities to interact with their teachers and one another. St. Thomas School invites, welcomes, and celebrates diverse cultures, individuals, experiences, and perspectives within our school community and the world beyond our doors. The members of our school community comprise a partnership of all constituents, including students, families, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, and neighbors. We believe our most critical role is to nurture the development of tomorrow’s responsible and engaged global citizens. Further, we believe that understanding and exploring the connections among us makes us stronger. Together, our shared values of gratitude, responsibility, respect, courage, integrity, tolerance, compassion, perseverance, and generosity foster an inclusive and multicultural learning environment. Our most important resource is our dedicated team of educators who strive to implement an enriching curriculum that embraces core academics, the development of character, a broad exposure to the fine arts, and physical education. St. Thomas School is dedicated to providing the time and resources needed for teachers to be professionally renewed. Parent involvement in school life is an honored tradition at St Thomas School. We know that a healthy, respectful partnership between home and school is a critical element of a solid elementary education. The school takes seriously its role in providing parent education and encourages all parents to work within a collaborative, positive framework. We have an unwavering commitment to nurturing a highly professional environment in which all members of the community are bonded through mutual respect, responsibility, and collaboration. The learning environment is joyful! Children are naturally inquisitive and possess an internal motivation to learn about their world. Each and every day, children are actively engaged in the classroom, making discoveries and reflecting on their own learning. We have a commitment to hiring outstanding educators who love to teach! Inspirational teaching begets inspired learning. St. Thomas School cherishes a climate in which creative thought and unique solutions are celebrated.

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