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Brighton has been a leading private school in the Lynnwood/Edmonds area for over 25 years. Brighton runs from 3-year-old preschool through 8th grade, with preschool and preKindergarten, Kindergarten, elementary and middle school programs. At Brighton, we focus on the following six things: Exploration: At Brighton, we believe that children learn best when they can use all their senses. We offer strong hands-on learning at every grade level, with visiting scientists and artists, multiple field trips, learning centers, lab science and much more. Safety: We provide an environment that is not only physically safe, but also emotionally safe. Learning does not occur when students don't feel safe. Our school welcomes new students and new families, provides a nurturing environment for learning and has zero tolerance for bullying and harassment. Broad Curriculum: Where many schools have narrowed their curriculum to focus on a few core areas, Brighton offers a broad, integrated curriculum with strong instruction in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science, but also with fulltime specialists in Technology, Spanish, Art, Music, Drama and Physical Education. Middle School students have opportunities to take elective courses in a wide variety of courses such as newspaper, jazz band, robotics, painting, cooking, creative writing, drama, website design and much more. Strong Academics: Brighton never teaches to the test. Instead we offer a broad, experiential curriculum that engages children and makes them excited about learning. The success of our program is reflected in our extraordinarily high WASL scores, among the highest in the state. Brighton is a living example of the principle that effective instruction can engage students. Excellent Teaching: In all my years in education as a student, parent, teacher and administrator, I have never seen a school with a teaching staff as incredible as Brighton's. From preschool through middle school, our teachers provide excellent instruction, build strong relationships with their students and share a passion for the teaching profession that is unparalleled. Many of the staff have students at Brighton or children who have graduated from Brighton. I personally have felt very fortunate to have found such an amazing team to work with. Community: One of Brighton's greatest strengths is its strong sense of community. At Brighton, students, staff and parents work together to create a climate that builds lasting friendships, allows all to contribute and celebrates learning. In addition, Brighton recognizes that it is part of a larger world community. We have sister schools in China and Africa that we work to support. We participate in efforts with schools across the country to fight global warming. Our students learn the value of community service. To understand more about Brighton, please feel free to explore our website, and, if you wish, contact us to schedule a private tour. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s educational needs and how Brighton school can meet them.

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