Resources on Anti-Racism

Thought-provoking media and resources to get your family talking and learning about race together

Young protesters holding signs

Photo by Alayne Sulkin

As parents, we share the honor and serious responsibility of teaching our children to be thoughtful, educated members of society who identify and bravely take action against the racial injustice they see around them. The nationwide protests against police violence and the suffering of Black Americans that erupted in the wake of the tragic killing of George Floyd have sparked the collective conscience. Yes, needed change is spurred on by peaceful protests in the streets, but it also starts at home, with critical and ongoing conversations had and actions taken to teach our children about racial identity and racism. We have compiled the below list of resources to help your family explore systemic racism and issues of power, privilege and oppression.


Resources for Healing and Self-Care

Historical Roots


Read, Follow, Listen, Learn

So You Want to Talk About Race

Wait list too long at your branch library? You can always check out a copy of these select simultaneous-use digital titles:


Articles + Guides + Web Resources


Books for Kids

This Book Is Antiracist

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