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10 Recipes Perfect for a Kid-Friendly Picnic

Roasted vegetable orzo salad, rhubarb cream cheese hand pies and more

Published on: May 09, 2019

Roasted Vegetable Orzo by Sprouted Kitchen

Picnic weather

With the weather changing and the nights growing longer, take family dinner outside to a nearby park. Try a collection of engaging, real food — skip the predictable sandwiches and juice boxes — to give them fuel to run around in the dwindling evening sun. 

When picking out the menu for a healthful picnic, stick with simple things that can be made in advance. 

Bring a few of their favorite whole foods to snack on, like mandarin oranges or baby carrots, mixed in with some new recipes. Keep place settings simple, too; choose plain paper plates, compostable cutlery and paper napkins when packing up your supper stash.

Throw in a paper grocery bag alongside your meal for the dirty dishes; toss it in your compost bin before heading inside with the sleepy kids.

Scroll through the arrows above for some delicious recipe ideas for a kid-friendly summer picnic.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2018, and updated in May 2019.

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