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The Golden Teddy Awards Are Back!

Vote for your favorite family-friendly camps and classes, activities, food, shopping and more!

Mean kids' sports coach

When Coaches are Bullies:

How to tackle the coach who yells, swears or (gasp!) shoves

Macrame medical ID bracelet for kids

Medical ID Genius!

Cool jewelry helps kids and teens with allergies and autism stay safe

girl with autism undergoing listening therapy through Tomatis

Listening for Autism:

An introduction to the Tomatis Method

Turns Out I'm a Helicopter Parent

One mom falls behind the Love & Logic learning curve

KIds having fun snorkling at Disney's Aulani resort in Hawaii

Paradise Reviewed

Disney's Aulani resort: 5 reasons to go (and 3 reasons not to)!

Sleeping baby

Hush Little Mama (and Papa)

The real truth about sleep after baby

girl who loves math

How to Raise a Mathlete

What we need to do to make boys and girls succeed in math

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little boy opening and unlocked school campus door

Schooled, But Safe?

How school security has changed since Sandy Hook.

Delicious, healthy and tummy-pleasing strawberry oat bars

Healthy Kids Cook!

How to Make Strawberry Oat Bars

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