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15 Quick and Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations

Published on: December 08, 2012

Homemade Christmas decorations by Shimelle

Shimelle features this gorgeous “Christmas window,” and we are absolutely in love with all of the sweet festive touches included! Starting with an old plain window as her canvas, creative Corrie got to work with pulling out her holiday craft supplies — gift tags, colorful paper, cardstock, and more — and began decking out her glass with plenty o’ sparkly seasonal goodies. No extra window at home to bedazzle? No worries! Corrie admits that the drawing power of this decoration has more to do with the garland and less to do with the window — and that it’s sure to look fantastic wherever you decide to hang it.

Homemade Christmas graham cracker houses by Yammie's Noshery

Can’t wait to get started on this year’s gingerbread houses? Consider making these fun graham cracker abodes included on Yammie’s Noshery! Easily made with mini goldfish boxes for the foundation, these adorned edible homes embrace the best of your average gingerbread houses — without any kit included. Big sister Yammie also offers up a very important piece of advice: If you’re using goldfish cartons, be sure to go with chocolate. The sweet swimmers make excellent roof shingles (tee hee) and taste darn good with vanilla frosting.

Homemade Christmas stocking stuffer santa by Confetti Pop

Looking to put a fun spin on this year’s stocking stuffers? Don’t miss out on this clever DIY gift-bearing Santa featured on Confetti Pop. Made using a papier-mâché cone, craft paint, scrapbook paper, ribbon, and more, this sweet little Santa Claus comes with a monogrammed belt for your child and a bottom hatch to release all of the Christmas morning goodies. For the full tutorial, be sure to check out the rest of the post — your little one is bound to love the surprises that come tumbling out!

Homemade Christmas luminarias by Celebrations

Hoping to spread a little more joy this holiday season? These cool homemade tin can luminarias offered up on Celebrations are sure to do the trick! Using family-sized canned veggie tins, a little paint, the free template included on the site, and a hammer and a nail, these lovely luminarias are sure to light up your home for the holidays and be enjoyed by all. To learn more and download the free template, check out the full post.

Homemade Christmas ornament wreath by Please Note

If you’re wanting to try your hand at wreath-making this year, consider taking a note from Elizabeth of Please Note. She not only made this gorgeous DIY ornament twig wreath in 20 minutes, but the wreath itself only cost her $4 at her local craft shop! To get started, Elizabeth used hot glue to secure all of the colorful holiday orbs on the wreath and then she looped a ribbon around the back of the twigs to keep the display fastened. Overall, a simple and inexpensive project that will look fab throughout the holiday season — and in many years to come!

Homemade Christmas snow globes by The Sweetest Occasion

Creative maven Cyd of The Sweetest Occasion shares this beautiful idea for making homemade snow globes, and we could not agree more with her when she says “Is there anything as sweet and nostalgic as snow globes?” To get started on your own, you’ll want to have clean jars with lids, distilled water, Glycerin (available at most pharmacies), plenty of “snowy” tinsel glitter, and a fun variety of festive animals, trees, or figurines. Hoping to make your snow globes even more personalized? Check out Best Bites to see how to include your child’s photo inside!

Homemade Christmas jingle bell flowers by The Crafty Crow

The options are truly endless when it comes to all of the fun things you can do with these adorable jingle bell flowers featured on The Crafty Crow. Whether you’re hanging them as ornaments, wearing them as festive jingling bracelets, using them in a garland, or as unique gift tags — these sweet little holiday blossoms are sure to bring joy to your family and friends this year. Made using egg cartons for the flowers, this project requires acrylic paint, mini bells, and yarn. Be sure to visit The Crafty Crow for the complete tutorial when getting started.

Homemade Christmas stained glass by Pam's Drawing Board

Spread a little light and warmth this season by making some lovely “stained glass” decorations with your little ones. Featured on Pam’s Drawing Board, this gorgeous snowy stained glass scene is perfect for those who are hoping to bring in an extra pop of color for the holidays.  Though Pam made this winter wonderland scene for Christmas cards, this project can also be done with tissue paper, glue, and contact paper for your windows. Overall, we love that this craft can be completely open-ended for tots, and that it’ll lend plenty of cheerfully tinted light to your home during the dreary winter months!

Homemade Christmas rainbow-dipped pinecone garland by Say Yes to Hoboken

Looking for another fun idea to add some extra color to your family’s home during the holiday season? This quick and easy rainbow-dipped pine cone garland featured on Say Yes to Hoboken could be just the ticket! Crafty mom Liz notes that this sweet garland is not only reminiscent of big bright classic Christmas lights, but that it’s a great way to get that same idea in a more subtle and rustic way.  To make your own, simply set out on a pine cone-foraging adventure, and then get to work on painting then with the colors of your choice. Once the paint has dried, use a glue gun to attach the twine to each cone, leaving a couple of feet at each end of the garland for hanging. Check out the full post to see more gorgeous photos of the finished rainbow garland.

Homemade Christmas striped paper straw wreath by Tater Tots and Jello

Mom Jen of Tater Tots and Jello shares a tutorial for creating a paper straw wreath for the holidays — we love the idea of using unconventional materials for decorations! Coming up with the idea after seeing a similar one on a magazine cover (Ms. Stewart, possibly?), Jen used a dollar-store foam wreath as the base, ribbon to cover the wreath, about 75 striped paper straws, and a festive ribbon for the bow. To get started on your own, click through for Jen’s complete tutorial — she makes it look downright easy!

Homemade Christmas beeswax candles by Oh Happy Day

By far the easiest candle-making tutorial we’ve ever come across, these sweet beeswax candles featured on Oh Happy Day are perfect for adding atmosphere throughout the holidays and as festive little gifts for friends and neighbors. Noted as being an activity that her family now holds as an annual Christmas tradition, Jordan says that this project is easy for all ages and that it only requires two major materials: beeswax sheets in natural and wicks. See the full tutorial for more details — and for plenty more gorgeous photos of these lovely candles.

Homemade Christmas tree nightlights by iKat Bag

Creative Mama Lier of iKat Bag shares these cool Christmas tree nightlights that she made with her daughters — what a fun way to light up the evening! Made using Strala mini Christmas lights, cereal box cardboard, and construction paper, this activity is super-easy for kids to create, and offers up an additional opportunity to trim their own personal trees. Plus, they’re pretty darn cute to boot!

Homemade Christmas woven ball garland by How About Orange

Graphic designer Jessica of How About Orange shows off this wonderful woven paper ball garland; we love how simple, yet beautiful, this holiday decoration is! Easily made using colorful paper, tape, and twine, this garland can be strung on the Christmas tree or displayed on the mantel. Check out the rest of Jessica’s post for further details on getting started, and for a link to the full tutorial for woven balls.

Homemade pinecone Christmas trees by The Wool Acorn

These sweet mini pine cone Christmas trees featured on The Wool Acorn take the cake in Christmas cuteness! Simply made with either felted wool balls or mini pom poms, pine cones, tacky glue, and a glittery spool for the trunks, these lovely little trees are easy for small hands to create and offer up some festive scenery for your family room. Also to consider: Attach some string or wire to the ends of each tree for quick and easy holiday ornaments!

Homemade Christmas felt mittens garland by Live Laugh Rowe

If you’re hoping to keep your holiday decorations classic and traditional this year, don’t miss out on this charming DIY felt mitten garland included on Live Laugh Rowe. To get started, you’ll want to have felt, cardboard, twine, fabric scraps, and a pine garland (real or fake).  Be sure to check out the post for the full scoop, and for plenty of tips and tricks for getting started.

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