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20 Christmas-Themed Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids

Published on: December 06, 2011

Rudolph reindeer Christmas bento by Lian Mama ObentoPeanut Butter & Jelly Rudolph

We love this Rudolph bento box lunch idea shown on Lian Mama Obento!

A great way to spread a little Christmas cheer into your child's lunch this month, this PB&J Rudoplh look-alike comes complete with a ham smile, hotdog ears, eyes and cheeks made from cheese, and let's not forget about the most important part -- a shining bright red strawberry nose! (Admit it, it's pretty darn hard to resist this cute little tasty guy.)

Mini Santa Claus Christmas bento box by Bento MonstersMini Santa Snackers

Bento Monsters shows off this well-rounded holiday-themed bento box lunch with Christmas trees, stockings, and some adorable mini Santas to boot. And right on cue, Mama Ming admits that her son started singing "Jingle Bells" as soon as he saw his festive lunch!

To make the sweet little Santas, Ming simply used a cheese wedge as the base, with a cheese beard and nori for the eyes and mouth. The Christmas tree is made out of  broccoli and offers a couple of bright sprinkles as the lights. Also in this bento box: sausage and cheese "stockings," kiwi, grapes, pineapple fried rice, and ngoh hiang -- a sausage-esque roll filled with meat and veggies.

Christmas snowman bento box by Lian Mama ObentoFantastic Frosty

Also featured on Lian Mama Obento, this little snowman is perfect for a blustery cold winter day's lunch -- and we're sure your tots will agree!

Made with a wheat bagel, this snowman offers a bread face with jelly features and a carrot nose (of course!). Also in this bento box lunch are beautiful mozarrella cheese snowflakes made with a cookie cutter, and a darling dressed-up kiwi Christmas tree. Overall, a great lunch idea for the holidays and one that can be used throughout the winter as well!

Christmas lights and rudolph bento box lunch by Happy Little BentoRed Light-Rudolph Special

And yet another fun way to create cute reindeers out of ordinary food, Happy Little Bento offers up this holiday-themed festive bento box that she made for her son's last school lunch before the new year. And we have a feeling that he certainly liked it!

In this bento box: the "Christmas lights" are made with sweet bell peppers and cucumber, there's a reindeer tofu cube -- decked out with a shiny red pepper nose, cucumber ears, and nori facial features -- and some chicken, broccoli, and fresh fruit. Healthy, adorable, and perfect for the holidays -- what more could you ask for?!

Christmas santa bento box by Cute Food for KidsScrumptious Santa

Get ready for the holidays with this wonderful Santa sammy included over on Cute Food for Kids!

Made using a base of a hamburger bun, Mama Tiffany used a cookie cutter to create Santa's classic beard out of Swiss cheese, his hat is simply a slice of apple, and there's cheese eyes with nori facial features to complete his overall look. (Who knew that a regular old hamburger bun could be so easily transformed into a festive holiday treat?)

Christmas bento box lunch by BentoliciousIt's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Bentolicious servers up this super sweet holiday-themed bento box lunch -- and it packs plenty of cute Christmas punch!

Featuring a rice burger covered with nori to represent the dark night sky, this holiday-go-happy meal includes a snowman, stars, and snowflakes made out of cheese, broccoli trees with carrots shaped into stars, and some extra baby carrots, edamame, and sausage to balance it all out. This is one lunch that's sure to help your little one gear up for the holidays!

Christmas gingerbread man bento box lunch by Adventures in BentomakingCatch Me if You Can

Looking to make a healthier kind of gingerbread man this year? Don't miss out on Adventures in Bentomaking's Christmas gingerbread man bento box idea!

Easily made by shaped brown rice, this traditional gingerbread lad includes thin slices of sweet red pepper (cut out with a straw), nori accents, and a tiny slice of carrot for the nose. Also in this bento box: broccoli, baby carrots, creamed corn croquettes, and Christmas Tamogoyaki (recipe included on the site). For all of the gingerbread lovers out there, this fun meal is an excellent pick!

"Eleven pipers piping" Christmas bento box lunch by Another LunchOn the Eleventh Day of Christmas...

Though Mama Melissa of Another Lunch includes a bento for each day of the traditional song, "Twelve Days of Christmas," it was these little pipers that competely stole our hearts!

This sweet holiday lunch includes a turkey sandwich on wheat, eleven pipers piping (made out of cheese and fruit leather), some veggie sticks, fresh strawberries, and for the "piping" part -- chocolate cookies with white frosting that are made to look like Hostess cupcakes. Don't miss out on the other eleven days featured in Another Lunch's blog post!

Christmas bento box lunch by BentoliciousMaking a List, And Checking it Twice...

We absolutely love this Christmas bento lunch featured on Bentolicious! Besides offering plenty of healthy lunchtime treats, it also offers a holiday story scene that is sure to bring a smile to your child's face.

Highlighting Santa's laundry drying on a line, this lunch is perfect for portraying that the jolly old guy is getting ready for his big annual trip, just like your own family. (We're sure you'll get a good chuckle out of the polka dotted underwear as well!). Check out the full post for more info on what Mama Lia included in both bento boxes.

Christmas angel bento box by Crouching Mother, Hidden ToddlerMama's Little Angel

If your child absolutely loves all things angels, consider checking out this pretty little Christmas gal featured on Crouching Mother, Hidden Toddler!

Perched on top of a lunchtime sammy, this sweet angelic girl is made with American and white cheese, tortilla for her dress, lunch meat for her body, and nori for her facial features. There's also a slice of cucumber that's been decorated as a Christmas present, along with blackberries, melon, and carrots in the background. Calling all ye angels!

Christmas ornament bento box lunch by Bento-logyHoliday Lunch Trimming

Your family's holiday tree may already be decorate to the nines, but that doesn't mean you can't have additional ornament fun! Needless to say, we are loving this holiday-themed bright and beautiful bento lunch idea included on Bento-logy.

For her kid's festive lunchtime ornaments, Mama Caren chose to make one with a Baybel cheese, and the other out of cucumber slices topped with cream cheese, peas, and a tomatoe slice. Also included in this vibrant holiday bento: peanut butter/wheat cracker mini sandwiches, fresh berries, and a couple Hershey's Kisses from Mom.

Christmas holiday wreath bento box by BentoliciousDecking the Halls

By far one of the prettiest holiday wreaths we've seen so far this season, we can't get enough of this Christmas bento box idea featured on Bentolicious.

To make the wreath, Mama Lia relays that she used a rice burger mold and a circle cookie cutter for a hollowed-out shape. She covered the rice with thin slices of cucumber to give the wreath its beautiful green color, and then added yellow, green, and red pepper punchouts for decoration. The rest of this bento includes: red and green sweet cherries, kumquats, and fried dumplings. Check out the full post for more of Lia's great tips!

Christmas gingerbread sandwich by Hawaii's Bento Box CookbookGingerbread Love

If you're looking for a quick and easy Christmas-themed bento box lunch idea, we think that this gingerbread sandwich featured on Hawaii's Bento Book Cookbook is a great choice!

Extremely simple to make, this fun holiday sandwich is shaped with a gingerbread man cookie cutter and only includes pieces of cheese for his facial features and clothing. This lunch alos includes: a mandarin orange, pretzels, baby carrots, and cucumber slices, along with a pretty snowflake pick.

Christmas snowman family bento box lunch by Bento MonstersSnowman's Whole Fam

Bento Monsters serves up this fun little family of snowmen -- and we love this idea for a holiday-themed lunch!

The Mom and Dad snowmen are made with shaped rice balls, nori faces, and M&M buttons, and the baby in the family is made out of mozarrella cheese. The rest of these bento boxes include meatballs, crackers, kiwi, and grapes. Even though we're keeping our fingers crossed for a white Christmas, this is certainly the kind of lunch that would do the trick in tiding us over!

Christmas tree bento by Happy Little BentoOh, Christmas Tree...

Mama Sheri of Happy Little Bento shares these beautiful Christmas tree bento ideas and each one is equally gorgeous!

The larger bento includes a broccoli Christmas tree with tiny carrot cutouts, on top of a scoop of rice. The surrounding cherry tomatoes and tofu rounds also offer a super nice holiday touch. The smaller bento features simple star-shaped kiwi slices with some "holly" (raspberries), and satsumas underneath. Perfect for the tots that are busy counting down the days to Christmas!

Christmas lights bento box by Bent On Better LunchesChristmas Lights Galore

Another fun and easy take on making Christmas lights-themed bento box lunches, Mama Kristi of Bent On Better Lunches shows off this neat idea for putting your leftover tomatoes to good use!

Due to a cold winter morning and her daughter's love for spicy foods, Kristi accented her skewered "Christmas lights" (grape tomatoes with mini pepperoni slices) with mini peppers, habanero spiced almonds, and pepperjack quesadilla roll-ups, all on a bed of lettuce. Sounds like she surely helped keep the chills away during lunchtime! Regardless, the bright colors in this bento box don't get much better!

Christmas Rudolph bento box lunch by Hawaii's Bento Box CookbookRudolph to the Rescue

And one last idea to add to the "Awesome Red-Nosed Reindeer" file, this fun baby Rudolph featured on Hawaii's Bento Box Cookbook was just too cute not to share!

Simply made with shaped rice and nori facial features, this is one little reindeer that's sure to be a quick Christmas favorite. This bento also includes: garlic shrimp, sauteed Brussels sprouts, carrots, apple and pineapple. Check out the rest of this post for two additional bento ideas -- an adorable snowman and snowwoman couple, and some equally cool kitty cats!

Christmas mini Santa Claus bento box lunch by BentoliciousSweet Little Santas

Yet another fabulous holiday bento box from Bentolicious, these mini Santa snackers will certainly bring a smile to your tot's face as they anticipation of Christmas begins to heighten.

Outfitted with cheese and nori facial features, Mama Lia says that she was able to give these sweet little Santas their red hats by using an egg sheet with food coloring. Also included in this bento: chicken fried rice, a cherry tomato, fried fishcakes, and steamed carrots. Yum!

Christmas snowman bento box lunch by Happy Little BentoSmiling Snowman

Mama Sheri of Happy Little Bento has a variety of neat snowman bentos to check out, but it was this little guy that absolutely won us over!

Simply made with spinach ravioli, this sweet snowman comes complete with a purple potato hat and facial features, purple carrot buttons, and a snow pea scarf (tee hee). This bento also offers fresh strawberries and blackberries, Romanesco cauliflower, and some cookies for an after-lunch treat. Be sure to check out the rest of this post for five (!) additional snowman bento ideas.

Christmas snowflake bento box lunch by A Pocket Full of ButtonsWinter Wonderland

A Pocket Full of Buttons features this wintery-wonderful Christmas bento box, with plenty of delicious goodies included!

Serving up a cool snowflake-shaped sammy, this bento lunch stays true to its winter-esque theme throughout with frozen grapes, a Baybel cheese with a snowflake carved out of the front, and some homemade peanut butter rice krispy treats that are... Wait for it... Shaped like snowflakes! Check out the rest of A Pocket Full of Buttons' post for an additional image that includes snowflake-shaped baby carrots!

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