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10 Great Breakfast Ideas for Christmas Morning

Published on: December 14, 2012

Homemade Christmas reindeer pancakes by Jenni Price Illustration

Talk about a rockin’ reindeer! Mom Jenni of Jenni Price Illustration shares these lovely Christmas critters that she and her kids created to celebrate the holiday. Made with three different colors of pancake batter, raisins, and cherries, this festive breakfast is a snap once you watch Jenni’s excellent walkthrough video included in the full post. Hoping to forego the syrup? Jenni recommends adding yummy flavors into the batter, such as lemon, vanilla, and a little bit of sugar.

Homemade Christmas ham and cheese breakfast casserole by The Kitchn

Breakfast casseroles are a traditional hit for many come Christmas morning — and that’s exactly why we couldn’t resist sharing this delicious make-ahead ham and cheese dish featured on The Kitchn. Noted as being one of their most popular recipes ever, this meal pays homage to the egg-cheese-and-sausage casseroles that many of us grew up eating, yet includes sophisticated flavor updates like pancetta, gruyère, challah bread, and fresh herbs. Check out the full post for more mouthwatering photos and the complete recipe.

Homemade Christmas snowman pancakes by Shockingly Delicious

And for more in fun pancake news, this sweet breakfast snowman featured on Shockingly Delicious is sure to get plenty of smiles come Christmas morning! Made using pancake batter with a pinch of sugar and a splash of vanilla, cooked bacon strips, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows, this flavorful fellow is quick and easy for everyone in the family to make together. No mini marshmallows on hand? Consider using whip cream for the snow, or scrambling some fluffy eggs for some tasty winter wonderland scenery.

Homemade Christmas cinnamon rolls by Joy the Baker

Another traditional Christmas morning family favorite, these homemade cream cheese cinnamon rolls featured on Joy the Baker are described as being “nothing short of amazing.” These sweet breakfast treats will need a couple of hours to prepare, but the effort is well rewarded by the wow factor. See the complete post for a full recipe and a pictorial to help you through each step, along with a link to an easier recipe for cinnamon roll muffins (for the families in need of a quick fix!).

Homemade Christmas mini egg nog doughnut muffins by Two Peas and Their Pod

Speaking of scrumptious muffins, Mom Maria of Two Peas and Their Pod shares this fun recipe for baked mini eggnog doughnut muffins. Perfected by adding eggnog, cinnamon, and nutmeg to the batter, these bite-sized holiday treats are finished off with an eggnog glaze that Maria promises is not too overpowering. For more details on getting started, be sure to check out the full post.

Homemade Christmas overnight blueberry French toast by Chef in Training

Overnight French toast recipes are all the rage, and we can’t get enough of this quick and easy blueberry make-ahead recipe featured on Chef in Training! Mom Nikki says that this recipe has not only become a morning staple in her home, but that she loves being able to simply pop it in the oven in the morning for her family to enjoy. To get started you’ll need to have French bread or Texas toast, a dozen eggs, fresh or frozen blueberries, cream cheese, maple syrup, and milk. See the full recipe for the complete prep rundown — and for a yummy blueberry syrup topping recipe.

Homemade Christmas breakfast pizza by Smitten Kitchen

Looking to put a fun spin on this year’s family holiday breakfast? Consider whipping up this amazing breakfast pizza featured on Smitten Kitchen. Mom Deb says that this Italian favorite is perfect for families who are hoping to have a laid-back morning meal and that it doesn’t feel too heavy though it is decked with plenty of cheesy-bacon goodness. Overall, we love the fact that the options for toppings are endless — and that there’s plenty of half-and-half opportunities for picky eaters and parents. Gotta love that!

Homemade Christmas gingerbread waffles by Once Upon a Cutting Board

Keep the Christmas flavors alive after the presents have been opened with these fabulous gingerbread waffles featured on Once Upon a Cutting Board. Getting their festive flavors with the help of cinnamon, ginger, ground cloves, molasses, and sour cream, these tasty Christmas waffles are sure to be a hit — especially when topped with Natalie’s eggnog-and-Cool-Whip concoction!

Homemade Christmas fruit tree by Ginger and Garlic

Hoping to keep it on the light side after your family’s big holiday feast? Consider making this healthy fruit Christmas tree featured on Ginger and Garlic. Perfect for snacking while opening gifts, this colorful tree can be made easily with a Styrofoam cone, toothpicks, and bright and beautiful fruits such as kiwis, strawberries, green and red grapes, melon, and beyond. A great holiday morning treat that’s both nutritious and delicious! See the full post for more tips on getting started — and for an additional recipe for espresso chocolate truffles.

Homemade Christmas sausage and Dijon strata by Little Yellow Kitchen

Many of us have fond childhood memories of enjoying homemade strata during the holidays, and that’s exactly where this recipe for sausage and Dijon breakfast strata featured on Little Yellow Kitchen gets its roots — straight from Mama’s kitchen! Cheesy, savory, and packed full of sausage, this glorious layered casserole can be made in a baking dish or in a cast iron skillet for a smaller portion. Easy, comforting, decadent, and perfect for a celebratory family meal — sounds pretty ideal, we know!

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