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15 Amazing DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Published on: September 24, 2013

DIY sock monkey Halloween costume for kids by Grosgrain

Okay, we’re going to state the obvious here, but this baby sock monkey Halloween costume featured on Grosgrain is just too darling for words! Easily made with socks and thrift store sweaters, this sweet little get-up is sure to keep your mini warm for a night out trick-or-treating. See the rest of the post to get started.

DIY toy soldier Halloween costume for kids by Wild Ink Press

It’s hard to forget those green little army men scattered across many a bedroom floor, and Mom Rebekah of Wild Ink Press proves that they’re just as cute in real life with this adorable DIY Halloween soldier costume. Easily made with some thrift store hand-me-downs, a couple of toys, and some spray paint, this clever costume will command many a salute from both kids and adults.

DIY peacock Halloween costume for kids by Creatively Christy

Strut around the neighborhood this Halloween with a fab DIY peacock costume like this one featured on Creatively Christy. Put together after a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, this showy costume is both incredibly easy to make on the fly and eye-catching enough to be remembered for years to come.

DIY Angry Birds Halloween costumes for kids by Sugar Bee Crafts

Angry Birds is always a winner both on and off the screen, so why not go as an Angry Birds family this Halloween like Mandy’s adorable clan featured on Sugar Bee Crafts? Get the full tutorial on Twin Dragonfly Designs for all of your favorite characters.

DIY Green Eggs and Ham Halloween costume by Dana Made It

Looking for a fun idea that involves both of your little ones? Don’t miss out on these adorable DIY Cat in the Hat Halloween costumes featured on Dana Made It! Mom Dana said that these two outfits were fairly easy to pull off with lots of colorful felt, and some white furry fabric that she spray painted yellow (good thinking!). See the full post to learn more about all of the pieces that were made — including the green eggs and ham that could be worn on a palette plate with a Velcro bracelet. (Love it!)

DIY Game of Thrones Dire wolf Halloween costume for kids by Rust and Sunshine

Hoping to make a family Game of Thrones Halloween costume this year? Take a tip from Mom Michelle of Rust and Sunshine and have your youngest go as a Dire wolf pup! Constructed with a couple yards of furry fabric and some elastic, this sweet costume will keep your little one nice and cozy while out collecting sweets. Also pretty awesome: Michelle’s little pup carried a candy bucket with the ominous message: “Winter is coming.” See the full post for the tutorial on getting started.

DIY Cinderella Halloween costume for kids by Make It & Love It

Mom Ashley of Make It & Love It shares a simple DIY tutorial for this sweet Cinderella Halloween costume, and it’s easy to see why her daughter is smiling from ear to ear! Ashley also notes that this dress can be turned into a variety of princess gowns if your wee royal has another favorite in mind, and that it can also work well as a dress-up box addition or Christmas present.

DIY Super Mario Brothers Halloween costumes for kids on Instructables

Mom Rebekah shares this clever idea on Instructables for turning her two little ones into trick-or-treating Super Mario Brothers. To get started on your own mini plumber costumes, you’ll only need some felt for their hats and overall buttons, along with some color-coordinated clothing (hats and tees). Easy and iconic — a perfect win for Halloween cuteness!

DIY Halloween pom pom clown wig for kids by Lisa Storms

Send in the clowns this Halloween with the help of Lisa Storms awesome DIY tutorial for creating a colorful cute pom pom wig. Mom Lisa says this wig was even easier to make than she originally expected, requiring only a pair of trusty scissors and vibrant yarn. Learn more by visiting the full post.

DIY Moonrise Kingdom Halloween costumes for kids by Skirt as Top

For all of the Wes Anderson fans out there — this two-person Halloween costume tops them all! Based on the popular movie Moonrise Kingdom, these two runaways featured on Skirt as Top are sure to please the candy-dispensing Halloween crowd… And the costumes are easy to recreate as long as you have a boy scout uniform and a raccoon skin cap. See the full post for lots of fun photos and comparison shots of the actors and their corresponding costumed kiddos.

DIY Where's Waldo Halloween costume for kids by Repeat Crafter Me

We can’t get enough of this fun idea for making a Where’s Waldo costume! Featured on Repeat Crafter Me, this fun red-and-white Halloween disguise will invite giggles galore as your little Waldo treks for treats. See the full post for a video and tutorial on making the crocheted iconic hat, add in some black glasses and a red-and-white striped shirt, and you’re in business for a clever and cool costume this year. Inexpensive and incredibly easy — just the way we like it!

DIY monarch butterfly Halloween costume for kids by Buggy and Buddy

Flutter through Halloween this year with these gorgeous DIY monarch butterfly wings featured on Buggy and Buddy. Easily made with elastic, felt, and poster board, this cute costume pairs perfectly with a black top and leggings to give the full monarch effect (and keep your little one warm while gathering treats).

DIY robot Halloween costume for kids on Makezine

Got a little one who loves all things robot? Don’t miss out on this awesome idea for making a DIY robot costume featured on Makezine. Crafted with cardboard, spray paint, LED lights, and some odds and ends from the local hardware store, this 'bot costume will be the best at the bash.

DIY Alice and Wonderland Halloween costumes for kids by The Weisse Guys

Looking for a Halloween costume idea that involves the whole family this year? Take a tip from The Weisse Guys and consider having a spooky-cool Alice in Wonderland-themed evening out. See the full post for loads of shots with a variety of favorite Wonderland characters — and plenty of cute kiddos.

DIY minion Halloween costume for kids by While They Snooze

Feeling a bit despicable this year? Don’t miss out on this fab DIY Halloween minion costume featured on While They Snooze! Mom Sarah says that, overall, the costume took about a week to make (papier maché dry time included) and that it cost about $50 (with a new exercise ball included). Get the full scoop on materials and tips by checking out the rest of the tutorial.

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