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10 Spring and Earth Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

DIY bird feeders, bug hunts, recycling games and more!

Published on: April 05, 2017

buttons1. Pretty plastics

Karen Barbe's homemade plastic buttons are positively gorgeous!

Simply made with craft foam and miscellaneous plastic pieces found around the house, these buttons are sure to be a hit with your little ones. Be sure to take a closer look at the badge made from the Presidente Brie packaging as well — so awesome! Barbe warns that she tried using a silicone adhesive for the pin backing, but had much more luck with double-sided adhesive tape. Check out her full post for more helpful tips.

bubbles2. Bubble up!

Acorn Pies gives us the scoop on how she and her children made homemade bubble solution and experimented with various common household items as bubble blowers — and they came up with some super fun ideas!

Check out their recipe for making homemade bubbles and see how they used reusable objects such as a Mason jar lid and a plastic soda bottle for bubble blowing. You could also go on a home "treasure hunt" with your tot for other cool objects that could be used in fun bubble blowing adventures!

bug house3. A bug's oasis

Sparkle Power! Mama Candace shares some excellent tips for making this homemade bug house for kids by simply reusing an empty oatmeal container. All in all, an excellent idea for getting your own little buggers outdoors and exploring!

After applying primer to their empty oatmeal container, Candace let her daughter get to work on decorating the bug home and collecting leaves and plants (for the bug's comfort, of course!). Perfect for an Earth Day "bug hunt," this neat idea is sure to get everyone in the family excited for a little backyard science fun.

bird feeders4. Earth Day bird treats

Full Circle gives a great walkthrough on how she and her children chose to make these fun bird treats in celebration of Earth Day a couple of years ago. And the best part about these all-natural bird snacks? They're super easy to make!

Simply gather up some pine cones with your little one, smear them in peanut butter, and roll them in bird seed for a healthy dose of bird-lovin' flavor. After all of the pine cones are covered, tie them with string to some nearby tree branches and watch as your feathered friends swing by for a special Earth Day feast.

mobile5. Earth Day mobiles

Plum Pudding always has the best ideas for turning her recycle items into beautiful crafts — and these homemade mobiles are no exception!

Made using cardboard roll flowers, container lids, homemade clay beads, buttons, and rulers, these DIY upcycled mobiles will look great hanging up in your child's bedroom. Plus, this project also provides an excellent opportunity for talking about the importance of reusing and recycling! Check out the full post for a complete tutorial and great tips on fun items to use.

recycle game6. Recycling 101

We love No Time for Flash Cards' idea for making this homemade recycling think and sort game! Super easy to make, this learning activity provides an excellent opportunity for teaching younger kids about recycling.

Simply cut well-known images out of magazine — they used water bottles, a milk container, potato chips, a toothbrush, Kleenex, and more — and tape them onto card stock to make your very own recycling flash cards. Once your child becomes a little more savvy, you could even include a compost container to sort!

caterpillar7. Earth Day caterpillars

Lottielulu includes this photo of a grassy caterpillar that her son made at school and what a great Earth Day project! Your child will love watching as the seeds quickly begins to sprout and turn into the caterpillar's grassy mane — similar to a Chia pet.

A project for even the smallest of hands, this fuzzy grass caterpillar only requires an egg carton, pipe cleaners, grass seed and dirt. Also consider growing chives, sprouts, or wheat grass. Overall, a neat eco-friendly idea for teaching kids about common insects, all while reusing materials found around the house!

binoculars 8. Earth Day exploration

If you plan on spending some time exploring outside on Earth Day, consider making a couple pairs of these neat cardboard tube binoculars featured on Crafts By Amanda.

Sure to be a hit for outdoor fun all spring and summer, these DIY binoculars are simply made using felt, glue, cardboard, twine, craft foam, and rubber bands. Check out the excellent tutorial for the full scoop — bird watching, here we come!

poppies9. Recycled paper poppies

That Artist Woman features tips for making these beautiful homemade poppies and they are absolutely darling! Truly white, black and "red" all over, these poppies are easily made using leftover newspaper, paint, twigs, and actual poppy seeds for the centers.

In the full walkthrough, Gail explains that the classifieds are best because they have limited pictures, and that hair picks are a good tool for adding texture to the paint. Check out Gail's other ideas for paper creations like sunflowers, leaves, and fish — reading the Sunday paper has never been more fun!

cork stamps10. Earth Day stamps

Got some extra corks taking up space in your kitchen drawer? Put them to good use by making cork stamps, like these lovely ones featured on Lil Blue Boo.

Though Mom will most likely want to carve the corks with an exacto knife, your little ones will love stamping away with their cute, upcycled corks. These cork stamps can be used again and again throughout the year for various art projects and simply recycle them when you're all finished. Perfect for resuing common household products while having a little bit of fun in the process!

This story was updated on April 5, 2017.

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