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8 Backyard Science Experiments for Kids

Spark a love of science right at home

Published on: April 08, 2020

8 Backyard Science Experiments for Kids

Girl making gigantic bubbles
Credit: The Enchanted Tree

Make gigantic bubbles

What's better for outdoor play than making bubbles? Giant bubbles! The Enchanted Tree offers a tutorial for creating your own wand to make humungous bubbles. And, because you’ll need lots of bubble solution, she includes links to good bubble solution recipes.

Science lesson: Bubbles form because of the surface tension in water. A bubble has three layers: a thin layer of water sandwiched in between two layers of soap molecules. A single bubble will always try to become a sphere, because it is the easiest shape to form.

This article was originally published in 2015 and updated in April 2020.

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