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25 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids Featured on Etsy

Published on: September 30, 2011

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Super hero capes by Discovery Denim on Etsy For A Super Halloween

Got a little one that goes gaga for super heroes? (We know the feeling!) The Discovery Denim Etsy shop offers up heroic capes and accessories for both boys and girls that are interested in taking a bite out of crime this Halloween. (And we actually like these cool capes so much, they were also featured in last year's Etsy costume round-up!)

Priced between $13-27, these heroic little capes are made with snaps and high-quality materials. They can be personalized with your child's favorite symbols or initials, come in a variety of bright colors and feature a collar that can be worn up or down for an extra spooky effect. And if the cape's not enough, check out the rest of this shop's selection for some complimenting gear, including customizable power cuffs and masks.


Little lion hat by Sweet Pea Toad Tots on Etsy Lovely Lion Cub

It doesn't get much sweeter than this little lion hat included in the Sweet Pea Toad Tots Etsy shop.

Priced at $65, this lion (or lioness) fuzzy hat comes complete with wooly "hair" that covers it from front to back and softer wool inside for a cozy warm feel. Sizes range from newborn-5T and this hat is also available for adults upon special request. Also be sure to check out the rest of this Etsy shop selection while you're there -- you'll find little lamb hats, Dr. Suess top hats, Raggedy Ann hat/wigs and much more.


Where the Wild Things Are Halloween costume by The Radical Thread Co. on EtsyCalling All Wild Things

Got a little one that can't get enough of the classic children's book, Where the Wild Things Are? Why not let them jump into character come Halloween with this Max costume featured in The Radical Thread Co. Etsy shop.

And the best part -- this shop features a variety of Max look-alike cozy soft costumes. Priced between $125-175, these plush wolf onesies can be ordered in various fabrics, including soft velour, fleece, sherpa, organic flannel, cotton jersey and eco-friendly recycled materials. Sizes range from newborns-5T and custom sizes are available upon request. And because a Max costume just wouldn't be complete without the proper accessories, fur-rimmed crowns ($40), plain gold crowns ($30) and scepters ($30) are also available for purchase.


Girl's pirate Halloween costume by Zachary Dickory DockMama's Piratess

If your young scallywag needs a new outfit for this year's trick-or-treating adventures, don't miss this gorgeous pirate costume in the Zachary Dickory Dock Etsy shop.

Priced at $52, this cute costume is available in sizes for infants-adults and comes with a poofy colorful tutu, eye patch and a pirate-y bandanna (leggings and top are not included). Each tutu features an elastic waistband that's perfect for little ones to easily pull on or off.

And if you've got more than one tot to outfit for this year's Halloween bash, check out the rest of this shop's selection for kitty costumes, bunnies, bumblebees and more.


Bumblebee Halloween costume by Trinity's Tutus on EtsyBumble Beautiful

We can't get enough of this buzzy bumblebee Halloween costume included in the Trinity's Tutus Etsy shop. So precious!

Priced between $28-32, this adorable yellow and black ensemble is made for sizes infant-5T and features colorful tulle, organza ribbons streamers and a double-faced satin bow. The tutu comes complete with a soft headband and a removable bow/antenna clip. (The shirt is sold separately in the Demi Blair Couture Etsy shop for $26.50). Overall, we have a feeling that this is one costume that will keep your busy bee buzzing come trick-or-treating time!


Sushi Halloween costume by Not the Kitchen SinkSushi Sensation

This adorable sushi costume featured in the Not The Kitchen Sink Etsy shop brought such a smile to our face -- and they've got plenty more where that came from!

Priced between $50-65, this uber cute sushi Halloween costume is made for infants-adults (sushi family!) and is available in different colors for well-known sushi pieces such as shrimp (shown), salmon, egg and tuna. Easy to wear over seasonally-appropriate clothing, this costume is made with soft fleece and comes with a drawstring neck. There's also a hat or headband included with hand-cut eco felt "wasabi," "ginger" and "sushi grass." This costume will undoubtedly gain plenty of notice around the neighborhood this year!


Captain America super hero Halloween costume by Fairytale JubileeMiss Captain America

We first saw this costume when we included Fairytale Jubilee in our Etsy Back-to-school clothes round-up... And we were super impressed!

Priced at $145, this super cool Captain America-themed dress is available for little ladies in sizes 2-8. Capes ($30), arm bands ($15) and headpieces ($12) can also be purchased separately. The dress is styled like a pinafore, so it has the ability to grow with your child -- making it an excellent pick for future Halloween costumes as well!


Toy Story Jessie Halloween costume by Kirras Boutique on EtsyToy Story Trick-Or-Treatin'

Cowgirl up with this super cute Jessie Halloween costume! Offered in Kirra's Boutique Etsy shop, this favorite character get-up is sure to knock the socks of your Toy Story lovin' tot.

Priced at $55.95, This Jessie costume comes with a jazzy royal blue tutu, a t-shirt with a yellow and red bandanna print, a cow half print apron and a matching cow girl hat with a yarn pony tail. Sizes range from newborn-5T.

Pair it with some cowboy boots and your little cowgirl will be yodeling for Halloween fun in no time!


Dinosaur Halloween costume by Pip and Bean on EtsyDino Do

If you've got a prehistoric enthusiast in your home, consider snapping up this cool dinosaur cape featured in the Pip and Bean Etsy shop.

Priced at $40, this fun costume is available in a wide variety of color combinations for both boys and girls and is made with silky satin for both the cape and scales. Sizes range for children ages 2 and up.

And if your Halloween dino wants to add more to the entire ensemble, check out the rest of this Etsy shop for matching scaly fleece hats for only $20 (available in many colors).


Angel Halloween costume by Sunshine's Tutus on EtsyDaddy's Little Angel

This adorable angel costume featured in Sunshine's Tutus Etsy shop is sure to bring a smile to your daughter's face this year.

Featuring layers upon layers of feathers and shimmering white and glitter tulle, the dress is priced at $40 and is available in sizes infant-2T. And to complete the entire angelic ensemble, there's wings trimmed with marabou and a marabou halo for your little angel's head.

Overall, this is one costume that's sure to stand out amongst the neighborhood goblins and ghouls this year!


Knight Halloween costume by Polar Costume PolaireA Knight's Tale

Perfect for the child that is fit for true knighthood, we can't get enough of this children's knight Halloween costume featured in the Polar Costume Polaire Etsy shop.

Available in sizes 4-8 for ye young knights, this cute and cozy costume is priced at $132.28 with boot covers or $93.08 without. This colorful ensemble is handmade with soft polar fleece and includes a long sleeve tunic with serration details, a hat and a belt. Favorite color combinations are also available, along with matching pants if wanted.


Dalmatian Halloween costume by Sweet Things Kids on EtsyA Spot-On Costume

Calling all dalmatians! If you've got a young animal lover in your home, consider snapping up this adorable dalmatian puppy costume featured in the Sweet Things Kids Etsy shop.

Featuring a white tulle tutu with plenty 'o black spots, this cute costume is priced at $40 and is available in sizes infant-5/6T (larger sizes can be made available upon request). Also included with this perfect puppy outfit: a big red bow and felt ears that are accented with spots and bows. Certainly one costume to howl about!


Halloween ladybug costume by Kirra's BoutiqueAll About Alice

Love Alice in Wonderland as much as we do? Then you'll certainly want to fall down the rabbit hole for this classic Alice Halloween costume!

Featured in Kirra's Boutique Etsy shop, this simple and sweet outfit is priced between $40.95-47.95 and is made to fit children all of ages -- infants-teens. The costume offers a poofy tulle, light blue tutu, a white apron, and a black headband with an Alice-esque bow. (Shoes and socks sold separately.)

Be sure to also check out the rest of this shop's selection for more in tutu fun -- it's got a Dorothy costume from Wizard Of Oz, fairy attire, "punk rock" pixie outfits and much more.


Penguin Halloween costume by Thumbelina Workshop on Etsy Penguin Perfect

If nothing would make you happier than dressing your baby up as a penguin for Halloween, this costume featured in the Thumbelina Workshop Etsy shop is just the one for you.

Made for infants up to a year in age, this perfect penguin costume comes complete with an easy zipper in the front and a baby tail in the back, with a warm cap to match. Both the cap and costume are made with soft, high-quality fabrics and the set is priced at $55.

Also not to be missed -- this shop includes a super cool parrot costume that's absolutely adorable!


Dragon costume by Laurie's Gift on EtsyDragon Power

Your little one is sure to look mighty powerful come Halloween in this dragon costume offered in the Laurie's Gift Etsy shop.

Priced between $36-38, these cool dragon ensembles come in various colors and are made to fit children sizes 1-6. The suits are made from warm felt and the costume comes complete with a stuffed monster tail, a matching hood and clawed shoe covers.

But that's not all -- this shop also features a variety of other fun costumes, including star fish, alligators, ice cream cones and more!


Giraffe Halloween costume by The Poke A Dot Shop on Etsy Halloween Safari Fun

We can't get enough of this gorgeous little giraffe costume featured in The Poke A Dot Shop on Etsy!

Priced at $36.95, this super sweet giraffe get-up is available in sizes infant-6T and is made-to-order with three main pieces: a spotted romper with straps, a headband with ears and antennas and a detachable handmade tail.

Also be sure not the miss out on the rest of this shop's selection for super cute peacock costumes, butterflies, bumblebees and more!


Pirate captain Halloween costume by Polar Costume PolaireCaptain of the Mighty Seas

Arrr you getting ready to be a pirate this Halloween? Be sure to check out this pirate captain costume featured in the Polar Costume Polaire Etsy shop. 'Cause nothing's cooler than a captain!

Priced at $127.38, this fun captain's coat is available in sizes 4-8 and is made with soft and warm polar fleece to keep out those Halloween chills. The coat offers gold buttons and trimming and there's a perfect pirate-y hat to go along. Other color combinations and matching custom-made pants are also available as needed.

Certainly one costume that will have your pint-sized pirate ready to sail the neighborhood seas this year in search of his trick-or-treating treasures!


Candy corn Halloween costume by Happy Cakes Creations on EtsySweet As Candy

There's nothing quite sweeter than this adorable candy corn costume offered up in the Happy Cakes Creations Etsy shop.

Made with yards of soft, colorful tulle, this cute candy costume is priced at $39.50 and comes in sizes infant-6. The costume features three pieces: a tutu with an elastic waistband (can grow with your child), candy corn-colored striped leg warmers and an orange crochet hat. (Our favorite part is the tulle poof on the top of the hat!)

And for the little ladies that aren't so into hats -- a bright yellow hair ribbon can be switched out for a lower price.


Gnome Halloween costume by The Radical Thread Co. on EtsyMama's Littlest Gnome

It's easy to see why The Radical Thread Co.'s little gnome costume was voted as an Etsy favorite -- it's pretty darn adorable.

Priced between $57-59 for short or long sleeves, this Gnomeo-esque get-up comes in sizes infant-4T and can be made for both little girls and boys. The fringe beard and pigtails shown are made out of recycled cotton, and the shirts come in jersey cotton with an attached, sewn-on belt. The belt buckles on the shirts vary, as they're salvaged from what's available in local thrift stores. And for the little gnome-y ladies -- polka dot skirts and leggings are also available.


Snow White Halloween costume by Prima Fashions on EtsySpectacular Snow White

And where would gnomes (or dwarfs) be without their all-time favorite princess, Snow White? This lovely little tutu dress featured in the Prima Fashions Etsy shop is sure to do just the trick for your pretty little princess!

Priced at $36.99, this super sweet costume is available in sizes for infants-7. Handmade with stretch velvet, chiffon, lycra and tulle, the all-in-one leotard dress is packed with color and comes complete with a red satin hair bow for an extra nice touch.

Overall, a perfect Halloween outfit for your favorite little fairytale princess (and young dwarves)!


Harry Potter Halloween costume by Clockquirks on EtsyHarry Potter Hopeful

If you too have a home filled with Harry Potter fanatics, consider snapping up this magical Halloween Hogwarts robe included in the Clockquirks Etsy shop.

Priced at $70, these cool robes are made with broadcloth and they're available in sizes for all ages -- including adults! The robe shown features the Gryffindor colors, though other house colors are available upon request. Certainly one robe that's sure to provide plenty of potions and magic this Halloween!


Halloween witch costume by Bella Bow Girls on EtsyWonderful Witches

Halloween just wouldn't be the same without a gaggle of spooky pint-sized witches running around -- which is exactly why we love this witchy-cool costume from the Bella Bow Girls Etsy shop.

Priced at $48.95, this cute witch costume features a tutu outfitted with colorful tulle and ribbons, and the must-have satin hat comes with marabou, glitter and more. Sizes range from 2-5T and the tutu has an elastic waistband so it can be worn as your child continues to grow.

And the best part about this costume -- it comes with it's own matching trick-or-treat bag!


Halloween owl costume by Kiki's Delivery on EtsyAll About Owls

There's nothing cuter than seeing little owls in the neighborhood on Halloween and we can't get enough of this no-fuss owl costume offered in Kiki's Delivery Etsy shop.

Priced at $38, this owlie fun costume is sewn by hand with felt feathers down the front. The owl's cartoonish cute face is worn more as a headband rather than a mask, as it doesn't have holes for the eyes. Sizes are for infants-6T.

A wide variety of color combinations are also available, from hot pink and purple to the more life-like tans, browns and whites. Though really, who says owls can't be pink or purple?


Strawberry Halloween costume by Not The Kitchen Sink on EtsyBerry Sweet

If you thought the sushi costume was cute, you're certainly going to love this little strawberry that's also offered in Not The Kitchen Sink's Etsy shop.

Priced between $50-70, this berry cute costume comes in sizes for all ages (including adults!) and is made with eco felt. There's a drawstring neck included and it's "generously sized" so that your kiddos can wear seasonally-appropriate clothing layers underneath. And to top it all off, the outfit comes complete with a stem and flower felt headband.

Be sure to check out the rest of this store -- there are loads of fun costumes, including ketchup bottles, peas and carrots, sprinkled cookies and even a variety of pies! We promise, you're in for a treat.


Halloween bear mask by Mahalo on EtsyHalloween Cubs

If you're on the hunt for the perfect fuzzy critter mask this year, be sure to check out the Mahalo Etsy shop for dozens of adorable children's masks -- like this little bear shown.

Priced at only $10, this cute mask will be a perfect addition to any costume and it fits children of all ages as it comes with an elastic band in the back. The mask is hand-sewn with double-sided felt and various color choices can be made to order.

But that's not all: this shop has a wide variety of darling felt masks that we absolutely love -- from favorite forest critters such as owls, raccoons, fawns and foxes to super heroes, baby birds, bunnies and beyond!

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